Bioptimizers Masszymes Review : Is The Effective protein digestive enzymes supplement?

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Bioptimizers Masszymes is a unique creation for the world of health and the physical condition that makes you obtain your daily digestive enzymes and what it also helps you increase the level of energy and increase your level of immunity.

Several products are useful in the bulking of muscles. Masszymes is one of those products. It is a medical grade enzyme formula that is quite advanced.

Masszymes are the formulation of enzymes multitasking that helps us in the conversion of protein to the amino acid.

It is 100% VEG protein and helps increase the absorption of different types of vitamins, amino acids, glucose, arginine.

It is believed that this formula is useful in the digestion of proteins. This essentially is very important to build muscles.

Masszymes was introduced into the market as a supplement that can be useful to accelerate the muscle gain process.

Help in the growth and development of our muscles and eliminates our non-digested protein from the small intestine that causes several digestive problems such as problems of swelling, gas and constipation.

To estimate effectiveness, one has to know if the efficiency of the masszymes is theoretical or tested.

Knowing the ingredients and its effectiveness in the delivery of the expected results should also be evaluated.

It is essential to analyze possible side effects, as well as benefits. Reviews and user comments can also help you reach the facts about the product. Consider them seriouly.

What exactly is Masszymes supplement ?

It offers incredible ingredients that are more valuable, risk free and without side effects.

This helps increase the absorption of nutrients from your food and helps control the cravings of unhealthy food.

Masszymes is an advanced enzyme formula that is considered to help provide three main benefits, such as helping lean muscle gain, promote optimal digestion and ensure faster recovery after training.

The innovator nutrient is called Astragin. It is found in all the composite extract derived from the Natural Plant of Panax Ginseng and the use of Astragalo in a patented process and technology.

It has been demonstrated in twelve studies in vitro, significantly improve the absorption of many important nutrients of up to 66% more in certain cases, including key amino acids, such as arginine, citrulline and tryptophan … vitamins, as a folate .. . Protective nutrients Sets such as glucosamine and many more.

Astragin works by transporting regulation proteins upside down at a DNA level, which means that it helps increase the amount of amino acids, glucose, vitamins and other nutrients entering their intestinal cells.

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Once inside the cells, these nutrients are transported by the liver to their muscles.

The supplement is medical grade. It is loaded with powerful enzymes that improve protein digestion. It is considered a crucial element to build lean muscles.

In addition, it floods the muscles with a good offer of amino acids that improve growth that would help you achieve results than ever before.

How did Masszymes began?

It consists of those proteases that work according to their digestive system because the proteases are designed in such a way that it can easily operate at different pH levels and also contains 100% VEG protein.

No other protein supplement contains 100% VEG proteins that include OGM, gluten, dairy products that can have side effects on our health.

It is prepared with the help of two plants called Panax Notoginseng and astragalus membraneous, helps boost the absorption of the amino acid, the absorption graph of different types of nutrients increased by the Astrágina.

Masszymes is an innovative product that contains effective natural ingredients and other important elements that improve digestion, reduce weight and maintain a very strong muscle core.

The producer of this product will explain the importance of proteins.

And optimize it to create muscles with friendly probiotics and, finally, execute the complete digestive system.

A certified champion of nutritionists and bodybuilding, Wade T Lightheart was a natural bodybuilder for three times.

He was a vegetarian bodybuilder who did everything possible to achieve what other bodybuilders achieved.

In terms of lean muscle gain without following the standard route, which involved taking non-vegetarian foods to guarantee an adequate supply of proteins that is essential to build lean muscles.

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For this, he was associated with the most enzyme scientists in the world.

They created the first enzymatic formula that satisfies the requirements of athletes, fools and bodybuilders.

It was established that the key to muscle building and faster recovery that helps you hit the gym for a long time did not increase protein intake.

This rested on increasing the consumption of enzymes that break down proteins.

Then, the proteins would be used by the muscles, thus building the lean muscles that desire long-term with food and optimal exercises.

That will protect the digestive system, stimulating the immune system and more.

Good bacteria are also called probiotics, which is more beneficial to improve the anabolic absorption of nutrients.

You need control of your entire digestive system for better.

What Masszymes Claims?

The Masszyme supplement capsule is a supplement equipped with full-spectrum digestive enzymes.

It is a formulation of proteolytic enzymes with a protease HUT level of 10,000 per pill. . You can take the pill with meals and protein shakes.

The Masszymes Enzyme has approximately 30% more muscle construction power, and the ability to absorb 66% more amino acids from the consumed protein.

Key Ingredients in Masszymes

Masszymes is a nutritional supplement that is believed to break down more protein from your intake in amino acids that the body is able to absorb 50% more than it does without taking this supplement.

It helps you in the muscle gain process. The ingredients in the supplement that should be aware of including

  • Amylase
  • Alpha-galactosidase
  • Enzymatic bend
  • Bromelain
  • Protease 3.0
  • Protease 6.0
  • Protease 4.5
  • Three-phase protease
  • Peptidase

The other minor ingredients include lipase phytase, beta-glucanase, pectinase, Astrazyme, hemicellulase, lactase, invertase, glucoamylase, and malt diastase.

How do Masszymes work?

Masszymes consist of key ingredients of Astragina and Proteases.

Proteases that help in the conversion of proteins into amino acid and astrágin that promotes the best absorption of amino acids, vitamins, glucose, etc. Maszymes also help get rid of unwanted joint pain.

According to the official website of Masszymes, the ingredient combo in the supplement in twelve in-vitro studies has shown that the supplement was able to increase the absorption of various nutrients in more than 66%.

It consists of those proteases that work according to their digestive system because the proteases are designed in such a way that it can easily operate at different pH levels and contains 100% VEG proteins.

No other protein supplement contains 100% VEG proteins, since they include GMO, gluten, dairy that can have side effects on our health.

Masszymes not only help to obtain proteins, but also helps the absorption of unused protein present in our food due to the presence of digestive enzymes in its unique formulation.

These include even the main amino acids such as arginine, tryptophan, citrulline, and tryptophan.

Vitamins and nutrients that protect the joints including folate and glucosamine.

Now let’s see how these ingredients help masszymes to work effectively.


Astrazyme, all-natural compounds extracted from Panax Ginseng and Astragalus, are responsible for the absorption of improved proteins.

Exclusive processing technology is used for extraction.

Astrazyme helps in increasing protein transportation at the DNA level.

It is helpful in increasing the amount of glucose, vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients that enter your intestinal cells.

The heart then transports them to muscles. Nutrition that does not enter the intestinal cells is dried from the body.


You might realize that the small intestine can only absorb proteins that are broken down into amino acids.

Proteases, which are strong enzymes in masszyme, can break down proteins into anabolic amino acids.

The intestine absorbs it, which then helps recovery and growth.

Proteases in supplements regulate leukocyte activity and inflammation, resulting in losses of muscle strength after strong training, according to research published in medicine and sports science in sports and sports.

This is effective in helping nutritional bioavailability and its absorption too.

Proteases in Masszymes, which include Protease 3.0, Protease 4.5, and Protease 6.0, means that it can work at different pH levels.

This also means that proteins will be broken down into amino acids at each stage of the digestive stage.

Digestive enzymes in masszymes

Regardless of whether you consume 30 grams of protein or 300 grams of protein a day, you must have enough digestive enzymes to turn it into a small building block called Amino Acid to absorb it.

Maasszymes ensures sufficient supply of enzymes. Digestive enzymes in supplements are quite helpful in the details of food particles.

It also helps in absorption of nutrients in food particles to use it as energy. This energy helps reduce poison in the blood.

Nerve cells and building muscle tissue are supported by capable.

Masszymes is the ideal product to get fat muscle mass because of the ingredients that make sure to cover proteins into amino acids.

When the protein you take, especially, from food cooked is not digested, there is an opportunity for food decays that can cause bloat and swollen protein. Protein that is not digestible toxic.

Masszymes ensures that the protein that is not digested does not live in the intestinal tract because of the strong protease enzymes that break down proteins and dry proteins that are not absorbed by intestinal cells quickly.

Food supplements increase nutritional absorption into the body. And leave more space for the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

In addition, this by breaking down food nutrition becomes a network. This increases the body’s recovery process.

Muscle regeneration after training and liver reconstructs every 90 days.

Masszymes for Natural muscle building

In a study by Beck et al. In 2007 it was carried out for two groups, one took proteolytic enzymes and the other took placebo, a statistically significant difference was registered with the way the group members were overall with their muscles.

The group that takes proteolytic enzymes register a greater overall strength than the group using placebo.

Faster muscle recovery after physical training is also registered.

However, it does not indicate serious or substantial muscle profits.

Masszymes and Testosterone

Masszymes does not increase the level of free testosterone, also does not have the main ingredients that can increase natural testosterone production by the body.

When the testosterone level starts falling in men as usual in men after 30 years, it might cause certain problems that are visible.

These problems are intended using testosterone replacement therapy drugs issued by recipes or by taking effective OTC supplements.

The Key benefits of Masszymes

Masszymes is one of the many bio optimizers on the market that offers several benefits for athletes who try to get body muscles without increasing their protein intake.

The benefits are considered to provide including

  • Higher energy level than usual. Masszyme increases the overall energy level of around 18%
  • Increased absorption of amino acids and vitamins
  • Reducing instances such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, etc., when you take a larger part of protein-rich foods.
  • Reduce joint pain associated with high protein intake. Glucosamine absorption increased by 42%. Glucosamine is blessed with the properties that protect together.
  • Increase focus and mental clarity
  • Increase immunity by increasing absorption of vitamins, especially, tie by 50%
  • Help build more muscles without having to increase protein intake
  • Reduce the time needed for recovery after exercise. So you can exercise for a long time. It was because it increased glucose absorption of more than 55%. It speeds up the recovery time needed between exercises.
  • Promote digestive health by reducing demands in digestive organs to break down and process food.
  • Heal and repair the intestinal wall or layer that helps in absorption of nutrients
  • Enzyme rich supplements that help remove poisons in the body
  • There is no strange feeling related to the use of supplements
  • There is no energy crash.
  • Rare or no side effects.

Clean up undigested proteins that may live in the intestine and allow bacteria to develop.

However, how fast this benefit can be learned different from people to people. It’s also not clear about how fast you will see the results.


  • Promoting digestive system functions and also strengthens immunity
  • It also helps eliminate harmful bacteria and proteins that are not digested
  • This supplement is very effective and available for everyone
  • Masszymes helps in growth and development and recovery of muscles
  • Masszymes help flood our bloodstream
  • Masszymes helps increase our energy level
  • This helps increase nutritional absorption
  • This helps in increasing our immunity
  • Masszymes is a very good choice for vegetarians
  • This helps in increasing our digestion
  • Masszim has affordable prices
  • Masszymes comes with a unconditional guarantee of a 365-day refund


  • Bioptimizers are only available online through official website
  • If you are children under 18 years before taking Massim, consult a doctor
  • A little more expensive than ordinary protein supplements

Masszymes Pricing

Some manufaturer on the market offer enzyme supplements. Prices may vary depending on the manufacturer. Supplements are available with various purchase options.

Prices vary depending on the purchase option too. In general, it comes in a 250 tablet package, which is valued at around $ 69 with the shipping and handling fees amounting to $ 7.75.

You can also take advantage of three bottles and six bottles with a slightly less than one bottle with a free shipping bottle when you enter for six bottles.

Masszymes return policy

Masszymes supplements have a 365 days money back guarantee without conditions.

If you assume that the results are not satisfied after using the first bottle, you can send another bottle back and get a full refund.

However, make sure that another bottle is not opened if you want to return it. Another disqualified to return.

How should you take mass capsules?

The correct dose of mass capsules is around 1-3 capsules with each meal with 1-2 capsules between meal time. It numbered around 5-13 capsules in a day.

Masszymes side effects

Zero side effects are what is claimed by the official website. Additional does not cause energy crashes or strange feelings.

However, in a very rare case, there may be side effects such as intestinal pain or abdominal discomfort, rash, and diarrhea.

Product warning

  • Keep Masszyme beyond the reach of children
  • Stop using Masszim immediately if there are side effects that are considered
  • Consult a certified doctor or licensed before using supplements
  • Masszyme is not intended for prevention, healing, diagnosis, or treatment of any disease.
  • Alternative Masszymes

My Verdict

This is a very good supplement that the unique enzyme formulation not only increase the level of protein in the body but also helps us in the effective absorption of various types of vitamins, amino acids etc.

Masszymes is a revolutionary protein supplement consisting of 85,000 protease HUTS in each capsule and no other supplements companies that provide as much proteases in one capsule and 100% free of side effects.

There is no doubt that the enzyme formula can be very helpful in building muscle and taking care of digestive problems such as bloating, gas, etc.

However, the key is that supplements must be loaded with proteases, which are very helpful in breaking up amino acids and making absorption better.

It is also important to build lean muscles instead of amylase that digest carbohydrates and low-quality lipases that digest fat.

They may contain proteases,but it is less in quality and quantity. Therefore, it is important to avoid supplements at low prices that claim as effectively.

Masszymes is an extraordinary health supplement that has several positive benefits on health and 100% free side effects and you can also advise it to your friends, family members about this excellent supplement.

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