Confitrol24 Review : Is A Quick Cure For Effective Bladder Control?


The Confitrol24 formula works to strengthen and tone the muscles in your bladder wall, pelvic floor and sphincter, also as supporting healthy connective tissue within the surrounding area.

The unique blend works by improving collagen and connective tissue support and relaxation and toning of the muscles within the bladder and surrounding area.

This permits the bladder to fill appropriately and empty effectively.

Crateva, Horsetail and Lindera each have a long history of use in traditional Ayurvedic, Western and Chinese herbal medicine for improving bladder frequency and control.

As a strong antioxidant, Lindera root also acts as anti-aging support for the kidneys and bladder.

Trial participants who consumed 2 capsules for two months experienced statistically significant results, including total average daytime urinary frequency returned to normal (less than 8 times a day), nocturia (getting out of bed at nighttime for the toilet) was halved, less urgency, reductions in bladder accidents and significant reductions, even elimination, in the need for incontinent pads and padded underwear.

What is Confitrol24?


Confitrol24 Bladder Control Supplement With Urox – 60 Capsules.

The Confitrol24 formula works to strengthen and tone the muscles in your bladder wall, pelvic floor and sphincter, also as supporting healthy connective tissue within the surrounding area.

The unique blend works by improving collagen and connective tissue support and relaxation and toning of the muscles within the bladder and surrounding area.

This permits the bladder to fill appropriately and empty effectively.

Crateva, Horsetail and Lindera each have a long history of use in traditional Ayurvedic, Western and Chinese herbal medicine for improving bladder frequency and control.

As a strong antioxidant, Lindera root also acts as anti-aging support for the kidneys and bladder.

Trial participants who consumed 2 capsules for two months experienced statistically significant results, including total average daytime urinary frequency returned to normal (less than 8 times a day), nocturia (getting out of bed at nighttime for the toilet) was halved, less urgency, reductions in bladder accidents and significant reductions, even elimination, within the need for incontinent pads and padded underwear.

Confitrol24 is designed after years of research to boost your bladder control.

The supplement called Confitrol24 enhances and balances the muscles within the bladder wall, pelvic floor also because the sphincter.

It works to push good connective tissue within the surrounding region.

This unique blend of effective ingredients functions by enhancing the strength and relaxing of the muscles in and around the bladder and surrounding area and improve the collagen and connective tissue support.

The bathroom can, therefore, be filled appropriately and drained effectively.

The supplement also can combat infections which will destabilize your bladder.

The supplement prevents leakage, reduces the urge to urinate frequently, strengthens your bladder and prevents ageing of your bladder. The drug was designed to combat the 2 sorts of incontinence:

The one arising from gastrointestinal distress and also the other caused by a lack of control between the spine and the brain.

Confitrol24 comes during a bottle and contains 60 capsules. In terms of general urinary safety, older women are the most vulnerable to UTIs.

Confitrol24 might be a cure to your UTI. rather than living in the terror of an injury, illness or worse, try Confitrol24.

How Does Confitrol24 work?

Raw Horsetail comes to give your body fluid retention. it’s wont to treat incontinence, urinary tract infections, also as bladder and kidney stones.

Crataeva Nurvala is used within the treatment of bladder sensitivity also as prostate enlargement.

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it’s also utilized in the prevention of kidney stones also as their expulsion. Lindera Aggregata is a Chinese herb that has been known to stop frequent urination from cold.

Through this combination of supplements your bladder is able to have healthy urination because it is strengthened with the constant use of the supplement.

you’re able to retain urine over longer durations and go but eight times each day .

Night urination, referred to as Nocturia, is reduced by 50% while accidents also are reduced which allows you to get off incontinence pads.

The Confitrol24 formula is ultimately designed to boost the toning of the muscles of the bladder to permit people to have better control over their bladder.

The remedy is a blend of herbal extracts. It perfectly restores the right functioning of the bladder.

The manufacturer of Confitrol24 claims that it can boost urinary safety after two to four weeks of normal use.

Although this is a naturally occurring drug which has no side effects on the common user, people that are under any treatment should be consulted by a health professional before adding this supplement to their diet.

Confitrol24 Ingredients

So how does this product come so powerful and effective on bladder control? Well, the Urox proprietary blend in Confitrol24 makes it an efficient supplement for usage.

Now, what’s Urox Proprietary Blend? Urox is a proprietary blend of Lindera Aggregata Extract (Lindera), equisetum arvense Extract (Horsetail) and Crateva Nurvala Extract (Cratevox Three-leaf Caper).

These 3 nutrients support bladder control and healthy urinary tract functioning. the product is scientifically proven to improve bladder control at a cellular level.

Being a mixture of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western Herbal Medicines, it provides your body what it actually needs.

Each ingredient in Confitrol24 performs its own function in order that you have a sound sleep. This clinically proven way will surely assist you regain control on occasional of urine leakage.

If you don’t want to lose your peaceful sleep, then Confitrol24 will certainly assist you .

It ensures that you simply won’t meet any embarrassing moments because of leakage.

The ingredients in Confitrol24 work on the root reason behind the problem that’s reducing your control over your bladder. Check what ingredient does what in Confitrol24

1.Equisetum arvense Extract (Horsetail)

Commonly known as raw horsetail, this ingredient in Confitrol24 strengthens the muscle and connective tissues in your bladder and surrounding areas.

This ingredient in wont to decrease the frequency of urinary leakage. Horsetail helps the urinary tract to tone its natural condition by increasing urine productions.

The bladder is forced for frequent urination to revive its normal operation.

Silica is found in equisetum arvense Extract (Horsetail) and this is one among the core minerals found in bone, teeth and collagen, which are structure of the body.

Collagen is that the principal component of the bladder walls, and therefore the silica in horsetail thus helps to enhance control and strengthen bladder wall.

2.Lindera Aggregata Extract (Lindera)

Also known as evergreen Lindera or Japanese evergreen spicebush, Lindera Aggregata Extract (Lindera) is a powerful antioxidant and you know that antioxidants in your body can do wonders.

Lindera Aggregata Extract (Lindera) in Confitrol24 improves the lifetime of your bladder.

It anti-ageing effects benefit your bladder and surrounding areas.

Lindera Aggregata Extract was anciently used by Chinese people to treat children who wet their beds (the disorders known as Enuresis) and girls who have menstrual pain and diuretic (increased urine).

3.Crateva Nurvala Extract (Cratevox Three-leaf Caper)

The more the elasticity, the better the control over the bladder. Crateva Nurvala Extract (Cratevox Three-leaf Caper) is extracted from Crataeva nurvala herb.

This helps to expel urine by strengthening the detrusor muscle of that lines the bladder.

Confitrol24 also improves the elasticity of your bladder. this suggests that no stagnation can lead to leakage.

Expanding and contracting get easy due to improved elasticity. Expanding and contracting reduces your frequent urge to urinate.

How to Use Confitrol24?

People who took 2 capsules each day for two months have experienced a positive impact on their urinary functions. the entire time of urinary frequency has returned to normal.

which means, they’re peeing but 8 times each day , which is quite normal. they need experienced a reduction in nocturia, urine urgency, bladder accidents, etc.

people that were severely affected by the condition have eliminated their need for incontinent pads and padded underwear.

Dosage of Confitrol24

Confitrol24 is a pack of 60 capsules, which means you’ve got 30-day servings in a bottle. One bottle of Confitrol24 will last for a month.

you must take 2 capsules of Confitrol24 on a daily basis for 2 months to check the difference.

If you’ll consume it within the right way, then you’ll definitely experience a positive difference. Don’t overdose or take Confitrol24 but suggested.

Is it safe to use Confitrol24?

Well there are certain symptoms which show urinary incontinence. If you experience following symptoms, then you’ll have urinary incontinence –

  • Occasional & minor urine leaks
  • Frequent dribbling of urine
  • Pressure in your bladder because of coughing, laughing, sneezing
  • Mental and physical impairment
  • Sudden, intense urge to urinate

These symptoms are the signs that you simply have urinary incontinence. urinary incontinence are often caused due to Pregnancy, Childbirth, Menopause, Changes within the body with age, hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyle, Hysterectomy, prostate cancer, Constipation, urinary tract infection, Neurological disorders and Enlargement of the prostate.

If you’ve got urinary incontinence, then you’ll safely consume Confitrol24. The supplement is formulated after years of research by experts.

Many rigorous clinical tests are performed to see whether Confitrol24 is safe for the consumption or not.

These tests have proved that Confitrol24 is 100% safe for the consumption and may be used regularly to reduce urinary incontinence.

Confitrol24 is formulated with natural and powerful Ayurvedic, Western, and Chinese herbs, so it’s impossible to experience any kind of side effect.

It’s not a laboratory formulated drug with the chemical. It’s natural and effective ingredients don’t cause any side-effect until you’re taking extremely high dosages.

Additionally to helping to rebuild the urinary tract, the supplement has other main advantages to the digestive tract, reproductive system and therefore the killing of unwanted foreigners within the body.

you’d certainly appreciate Confitrol24 benefits if you’ve got a kidney stone.

Do Poor bladder control …
Controlling Your Life?

Millions of women suffer from urinary incontinence effects and do not know how to get the sometimes embarrassing problem is under control.

Delivery, health, and lifestyle factors may all cause damage to the nerves in the bladder and pelvic floor weakens.

There are two types of urinary incontinence: stress incontinence where the activities causing the pressure inside the abdomen urine leakage triggered.

And urge incontinence in which the brain and spinal cord do not work well together so that the bladder itself without warning.

bladder leakage can be a depressing part of your day and disrupt the quality of your life …

And although many women perform Kegel exercises and toning to keep them healthy bladder, the bladder muscles they may still not be strong enough and it works as it should.

weakened muscles can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Urinating more than 7-8 times a day
  • Suddenly and urges to urinate
  • Urinating only small amount at a time
  • Bedwetting and sleeplessness
  • Wake up more than once to urinate at night
  • Leaks during exercise, coughing or laughing
  • Leak during sex
  • But there is some good news … finally!
  • Support for Women Suffering from embarrassing leaks Occasionally, unexpected urge to “go”, and Multiple Nighttime Journey bath.

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Is Confitrol24 Addictive?

Confitrol24 is designed with natural herbs that benefit your urinary tract.

many people have used Confitrol24 and haven’t experienced any addiction towards this supplement. No ingredient in Confitrol24 makes it addictive at any point.

Benefits of Confitrol24

Confitrol24 brings many advantages to your body. If you’d consume it regularly within the right dosage for two months, you’ll experience multiple benefits. the advantages of Confitrol24 include –

  1. High-quality natural ingredients

Confitrol24 is a powerful blend of Ayurvedic, Western, and Chinese herbs. Only high-quality natural herbs are used to formulate Confitrol24.

  1. Designed by experts

After research of years, Confitrol24 has been formulated by the industry experts to assist you get rid of urinary tract problems. it’s an award-winning, 100% natural product.

  1. Reduce Bathroom Visits

People who are tired of going bathrooms more than 10 times each day can benefit from the regular consumption of Confitrol24. Its ingredients assist you get obviate any problem associated with the urinary tract.

  1. Sleep through the Night Without Interruptions

If you’ve not been getting sound sleep within the night because of leakage or frequent urge to urinate, then you’ll benefit from Confitrol24. it’ll assist you have better control over your bladder during the night and reduces leakage.

  1. Diminish Embarrassing Leaks

Urine leakage is a major problem in both men and ladies and it must be treated with the correct medicine. With the regular consumption of Confitrol24, you’ll diminish the problem of embarrassing leaks.

  1. Strengthen your bladder

Confitrol24 strengthen the walls of your bladder and its surrounding regions, which assist you to have better control over your bladder.

After consuming Confitrol24 for a couple of weeks, you’ll begin to experience positive benefits. you’ll retain your urine and go to toiler but 8 times each day .

The desperate need to go to the toilet has reduced abruptly.

This remedy also will provide you with a powerful bladder that enhances the bladder wall, pelvic floor and sphincter muscles.

The bladder also can be restored and anti-ageing of the bladder will be encouraged.

Are there any Side Effects of Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 is a supplement that uses three herbs from the Ayurvedic, Western, and Chinese herbal medicine. These are herbs that are used consistently over a long time.

Combining these herbs has been done under strict laboratory conditions by industry experts who have years of experience and study of the interaction of those herbs together.

Raw Horsetail is known to have an enzyme that works like thiaminase. Thiaminase is an enzyme that’s utilized in the breakdown of Thiamine, vitamin B1 .

Thiaminase therefore causes a deficiency of vitamin B1 because it breaks Thiamine into two making it useless.

While Horsetail may be a useful herb, the presence of this thiaminase-like enzyme makes it unsafe to be used . Confitrol24 has ensured that it extracts the herb while eliminating the thiaminase-like capability of Horsetail.

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Purchase & Price

The purchase of this product may be done safely from the product’s official website, you’re able to save a lot once you buy value packs of two , 3, 6, and 12 bottles.

One bottle goes for $49.99 while two bottles choose $89.99 allowing you to save $9.99. Remember two bottles will last you two months.

The three pack bottle goes for $124.99 and you’re able to save $24.98. this can take you through three months.

The six pack bottle which will take you through half a year goes for $239.99 and it helps you to save $69.95.

The mega pack of 12 bottles that take you through an entire year goes for $399.99 and it allows you to save lots of a whopping $319.89.

Confitrol gives free global shipping to each purchase above $100 which suggests you’ll get every order delivered for free of charge apart from the one bottle.

Only by visiting the official website you’ll purchase a supply of Confitrol24. Live Chat agents will assist you buy the product as per your requirements.

Customers who choose multi packages will receive a discount to shop for more than one container at a time.

Following is that the list of pricing because the package of Confitrol24-

  1. 12 bottles (One-year supply): $399.99
  2. Six bottles (Six-month supply): $239.99
  3. Three bottles (Three-month supply): $124.99
  4. Two bottle (Two-month supply): $89.99
  5. One bottle ( One month supply) : $49.99

If you’ll buy the product from the official website of Confitrol24 (, the package will be shipped at the doorstep anywhere within the world.

You’d need to pay extra for the shipping. you can’t find this product offline, so you’d need to choose the web mode to shop for it.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

When the users find that the Confitrol24 doesn’t benefit them in any way, a 67-day refund policy protects their order.

you’ll use the medication for 60 days and you’ll return the supplement if you’re unsatisfied with the results you’ve got obtained.

you’ll obtain a refund of the order without the expenses of shipping and handling.

If you’ve bought a 3 month or more than three month supply of Confitrol24, then don’t worry, the company will offer you a full refund once you return the unopened containers of Confitrol24.

you’re getting two month supply of the product before returning, because the product shows its result in two months.

You’ll not get any refund, if you come back the product after 67 days. To return the product, you’ll visit their official website and fill the form or contact their customer care number.

Pros & Cons of Confitrol24


  • A 100% natural medicine
  • Clinically tested by experts
  • Clinically proven safe for the consumption
  • Both men and ladies can consume it
  • No side-effects are experienced by the consumers till now
  • The product will be returned after using for 67 days
  • 100% results guaranteed
  • 100% refund of cash after product return in 67 days


  • Confitrol24 is kind of expensive
  • The medicine takes time of two months to point out results
  • Extra shipping cost


Confitrol24 is blended to offer you control over your bladder. It strengthens it to help it retain urine. The supplement is additionally able to fight infections which will be destabilizing your bladder.

The supplement helps you prevent leakage, reduces the urge to frequently urinate, strengthens your bladder, and prevents aging effects on your bladder.

The supplement has been formulated to fight the 2 different types of incontinence types.

Tthe one that comes from pressure from the abdominal region and therefore the kind that’s caused by a lack of coordination between the spine and brain.

Confitrol comes in a bottle of 60 capsules. the use of this supplement is well recognized because it was a finalist within the Nutra Ingredients USA Awards of 2018.

Confitrol24 is a supplement made of three herbs that strengthen your bladder muscles for better control.

The herbs are Raw Horsetail, Crataeva Nurvala, and Lindera Aggregata.

This combination of herbs comes together to make a healthy supply of nutrients which will get back the bladder and other related systems to healthy function.

To check whether the product is beneficial for you or not, you need to consume it. Confitrol24 may show results slowly, but the results are amazing.

If you’re on any quite medications and treatment, then you must first ask your doctor and if he recommends you the consumption of Confitrol24, then only start taking it.

The product manufacturer gives 67 days money-back guarantee, so you’ve got a a refund security just in case you’re not satisfied with the results of Confitrol24.


  • Can a person take Confitrol24 to assist with his incontinence?

Confitrol24 has been specifically made to be consumed by women. you’ll consult your doctor if you are feeling this is often the most effective supplement for you as a person .

  • Where am i able to get this supplement from?

You can get an abundance of the supplement from the official company website. it’s a secure payment system that ensures your money is safe.

  • Does the product ship outside of the US?

Yes. you’ll get the supplement wherever you’re within the Globe. It ships for free of charge as long as you’ve got made a purchase of $100 or more.

  • Do they need a a refund guarantee just in case it doesn’t work?

The company promises to refund back your full purchase cost within 67 days if you’re unsatisfied. you simply got to send back the containers that are both used and unused within the 60 day period.

The 7 days are for return shipping time. Be advised that the refund will be minus return shipping cost.

  • Is there a preferred dosage for Confitrol?

You are advised to require two capsules each day . you’ll see results within a couple of weeks of taking the supplement.

  • How many capsules will i buy in one bottle?

You get 60 capsules in one bottle. you’re to take two each day . therefore the bottle will last you 30 days.

  • Is there an regulation to those that can use the supplement?

There is no regulation that has been set, but incontinence is known to affect older people unless under special circumstances. Consult your health care provider for further advice.

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