Aaptive Review : Is most effective workout training app?

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Aaptiv is an audio-based fitness app that comes with various workouts guided by personal trainers, complete with groovy tunes to keep your motivation going.

Members gain unlimited access to over 3,000 on-demand workouts and 30 new ones are added every week.

A exclusively offering its content in an audio format, Aapitv believes that athletes can specialize in their workouts without distraction eyestrain on a screen.

For a monthly subscription, you’ll access a similar kind of high-quality workout experience you’d get at a boutique fitness studio — at a fraction of the worth .

Whether you want to take guided tempo runs, strength train, or improve your downward dog , Aaptiv has all -what you need in almost all areas of your fitness journey.

Aaptiv aims to bring the standard of a personal trainer, the results of effective workout programs, and therefore the inspiration you would like to stick to a routine straight to your smartphone. And you don’t need a gym to use it.

With Aaptiv, every workout has an actual person guiding you thru it. they try to make it fun, and it really takes your mind off the workout.

They are also very encouraging and always seem to have their “don’t hand over , don’t put your hands on the handrails!” timed at the exact right spot.

Benefits to use Aaptive Application

Aaptiv is a best fitness application with superior quality training programs led by qualified fitness professionals.

you actually feel like you’re within the gym with a trainer when you’re taking Mike’s 30-minute strength-training workout.

As for the running workouts, they remind me of the type of experience that you simply find at a Barry’s Bootcamp or in an Equinox Fitness precision-running class.

The great music, the trainer’s energy level, the challenging workouts and therefore the timely reminders hold you accountable once you don’t feel like working out. there’s also a workout challenge for the competitor in you.

You’re always in total control of what workouts you’re doing, and might select a workout that best fits your schedule, also as save the workouts that you like the most.

Plus, the classes/workouts change each week, with over 30 options to decide on from in each kind of class.

You’ll never get bored or feel like you’re doing a similar thing over and once again . All of those workouts are available to you for less than $10 a month.

In addition to having plenty of individual workouts, they provide different workout programs – so there are ones to assist you train for various races (5k, 10k, etc.), weight loss, and even programs for busy parents and pregnant mothers.

How Does Aaptiv Work?

Aaptiv debuted with an outside run, but has since expanded its content to include treadmill, elliptical and bike workouts interior, as the strength training, yoga, meditation and more .

The brand’s fitness trainers are a combination of world-class athletes, health educators, and certified physical therapists.

you’ll connect with them directly through the Aaptiv’s member Facebook group.

When you download the Aaptiv application, you will answer a series of questions about your goals, current fitness level, if you prefer to exercise outside or in the gym, and how many days per week, you plan to drive.

Upon completion, you’ll access the complete class database and kind them based on exercise type, difficulty level, instructor, length, or musical genre .

It’s also possible to download classes in order that you’ll play them without Wi-Fi.

Some workout types, like yoga and strength training, allow you to preview the moves within the workouts through short videos that focus on form.

For example, a 14-minute beginner yoga flow lets you preview the posture and stance for child’s pose, downward dog, standing forward lift, standing arms overhead, long spine, plank, and a dozen more moves.

Note that these demonstrations are only available with a Wi-Fi connection and can’t be accessed from downloaded classes.

The app also offers programs for those that want to hit specific training goals.

These programs give you numerous workouts to finish every month, and they are categorized by level from beginner to advanced. some of the present options include the following:

  • Audio-guided workouts
  • Strength-training workouts
  • Indoor/outdoor running workouts
  • Walking workouts
  • Yoga workouts
  • Rowing workouts
  • Elliptical workouts
  • Indoor cycling workouts
  • Stairclimber workouts
  • Stretching routines
  • Ab workouts
  • Workouts for weight loss
  • Training programs
  • Guided meditations
  • Race-training programs (from 5k to marathon)
  • Partner challenges
  • 20+ personal trainers
  • Great music (top 40 hits)
  • Ability to save your favorite workouts
  • Accountability coaches/reminder notifications

To join one of these programs, you’ll got to select which days of the week you would like to exercise.

It’s possible to look at all upcoming workouts for every program in advance in order that you’ll switch up your active days if necessary.

Aaptiv Coach

One of Aaptiv’s central features is its effective Coach program. The app will take the fitness goals and preferences you shared once you first signed up to curate a customized workout plan with weekly class suggestions.

For instance, I set my fitness goal as “run further or faster,” and shared my current fitness level, average running pace, how far I could run at just one occasion , how far I wanted to be able to run, and what I wanted my running pace to be.

Based on these responses, the app created a customized workout plan where I ran five times per week and did daily stretches and core exercises.

Coach categorized execution of each day as the tempo, interval, or recovery and offered 3-6 class options for completion, ranging from 25-45 minutes each.

The coach’s plan will continue indefinitely at set until you adjust your fitness preferences.

This means that you will need to adjust your goals if you would like the workout difficulty to progress along with your fitness level.

My Workout with Aaptiv

One thing i really like about Aaptiv is that i know i will get a good workout. I keep track of my calories burnt on my Apple Watch, and it also shows my heart rate – both of which show that I’m getting a fairly good workout.

I always feel a bit stronger and sweatier when I’m done – which seems pretty good to me!

I’ve also noticed that my endurance has been built tons also as I’ve progressed to different levels. That’s been really cool to experience!

However, I found that the app did a stellar job of timing the music beat with effort level changes, and Thornhill frequently gave tips on improving form that made me feel like he could see what i was doing.

They have ones that are under 10 minutes and others that are over an hour. I usually try and find one between 20-30 minutes, which seems to the proper amount of your time

I also appreciate the option to download the workout ahead of time in order that I didn’t need to worry about the connection cutting out within the middle during a troublesome part.

Whether you prefer the treadmill or elliptical, the stair stepper or the rower, there’s a program for you. Aaptiv has workouts for a bunch of different machines, also as yoga, strength exercises, and stretching.

There’s really something for everybody – whether you’re working out at the gym, in home, or even outside.

What Does Aaptiv Cost?

It is $14.99 a month, which may be a considerable cost for several people – especially additionally to paying for a gym membership (if you’ve got one).

$14.99 a month is a contract-free subscription fee, so you’re free to cancel at any time. However, if you know you’re going to be loving it, it is $8.33 a month, billed at $99.99 upfront. That does make it a bit bit less costly .

With that said, it’s but the price of a gym, and since many of the exercises will be done at home, it’s not a horrible price. It’s definitely but the price of a personal trainer!

The yearly subscription automatically begins with a free seven-day trial. Aaptiv also occasionally offers subscription discounts.

Each subscription option renews automatically unless you cancel your service a minimum of 48 hours before the renewal date.

If you cancel your account after this renewal date, the company states they won’t issue you a refund for the time unused.

How Aaptive is different?

One key difference between Aaptiv and therefore the rest of these programs is that most others are optimized for working out at home.

while many Aaptiv’s classes require gym equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and spin bikes. (If you don’t decide to exercise at the gym, you’ll select in your preferences what equipment you’ve got access to.)

Aaptiv is additionally the only platform that doesn’t offer video content. this could be a plus for people that don’t want to be distracted by a small screen while completing reps.

Aaptiv’s audio-only format makes sense for people that want to get in the zone and ignore their phone until the class is completed .

This app is additionally great for anyone who wants some motivation on their outdoor runs or extra guidance while working out at the gym.

However, it’d be a problem if you’re new a particular kind of exercise and want guidance about your form and technique. If that’s you, other apps will be more suitable for your needs.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

Aaptiv was ranked at 4.1 stars on Trustpilot after almost 950 reviews. Here’s a summary of those reviews:

Stellar Workout Platform

Most Aaptiv users consider the app to be an excellent way to get the most out of their workouts. Many wrote that the trainers were uplifting and motivating once they needed it most.

Others loved the included programs and shared that following them helped them to attain their fitness goals, especially with running.

Some noted that the app made them curious about trying things they might otherwise avoid, like meditation.

Many Prefer Audio Format

A number of Aaptiv customers chose the app specifically for its audio format and weren’t disappointed by the choice .

They wrote that the instructors did a wonderful job of articulating what they needed to do which the short form-focused videos cleared up any confusion.

Great Complement to Gym Memberships

Many reviewers reported that the app helped them get the most out of their gym memberships which using the app felt like they had an instructor directly in their ear giving them instructions.

Runners who used the app wrote that it transformed their crosstraining days in the gym by giving them flexibility and guidance for a range of exercise styles.

The major drawback using Aaptiv is that each one of the workouts are audio-based.

If you’ve got never seen or done certain workouts, it’s a really challenging experience to simultaneously listen to instruction while executing your workout with proper form.

And while some users will consider the audio-based concept a drawback, others will see it as a plus .

We live in a world where we are often receiving audio affirmations and listening to podcasts. the feeling of being talked to directly isn’t only encouraging, it makes your experience feel unique and personalized.

Audio-Only Format will be Limiting

Not everyone who has tried Aaptiv audio liked to focus on the application. Where Aaptiv fell short for several people was the lack of visual instruction for activities like yoga poses and weight lifting.

A couple of reported that they weren’t sure if they were performing the moves right and were concerned they could injure themselves with improper form.

Classes could also be Dropped all of sudden

In recent months, Aaptiv received some negative REVIEWS from longtime users because the platform has removed many classes, apparently due to music rights issues.

Specifically, the application has eliminated all his boxing and rowing sections and cut several programs, including a marathon training plan.

For many people, this was a revision of what they significantly lower liked about the application before.

Many wrote that that they had used Aaptiv happily for years but that they were canceling their membership and switching over to a distinct platform after these cutbacks.

Some Subscription Problems

Some Aaptiv users had problems with the automatic renewal policy of the application. Specifically, they missed that the app renewed 48 hours before the membership ended and were caught unaware.

once they were billed for a whole year’s membership after they thought that they had already canceled their account. Some managed to get refunds for unused membership time.

Key Takeaways

Most Aaptiv users like the coaching style focuses on audio application and believe it helps them perform better in training.

However, the consensus seems to be that the implementation has decreased the value after serving many classes and programs. For some, it’d not be worthwhile anymore.


  • Less expensive than competitors
  • Audio-only workouts allow you to focus without distraction
  • Vibrant online community
  • A broad range of workout styles
  • Possible to download workouts for offline exercise
  • Aaptiv Coach gives you daily workout guidance


  • Beginners may prefer to work with a coach or personal video format to learn new moves correctly.
  • Some workout styles (like yoga) could also be difficult with only audio
  • The company can reduce your classes or favorite programs


Aaptiv is for the experienced fitness enthusiast searching for a high quality workout program guided by uplifting and inspiring trainers.

Whether you’re training for a marathon, running your first mile, looking to bulk up, or want to realize some peace of mind in a yoga class, Aaptiv will get you there and keep you on schedule to achieve your goals.

Note that you may not be Aaptiv for people who have never done strength training because strength training are audio guides and can not see how appropriate action.

As an example, doing an Arnold shoulder press without seeing the move could also be extremely difficult for somebody who’s never lifted weights before.

For beginner-level runners, Aaptiv is a great tool. However, if you’re a more experienced/stronger runner, you’ll not find much of a challenge within the outdoor running, in which the fastest tempo pace is seven minutes per mile.

A similar will be said for the yoga workouts. they’re great audio-based sessions if you know what warrior pose is.

But if you have some basic fitness experience and you’re looking to get back on track with some quality workout programming and an upbeat trainer, Aaptiv is all you would like .

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