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AminoBoosters and AminoPure+- Best Sources Of Genuine YTE® (also known as Young Tissue Extract)

IMPORTANT: Many medical professionals and health retailers used to stock ‘LAMININE’, but have now moved over to “AMINOBOOSTERS” and “AMINOPURE+” which give you much more pure YTE®, gram for gram.

This really helps with your energy and reduction of stress. YTE® is a highly absorbable bioavailable source of all 23 Amino Acids needed by the human body.

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Demand for wellness services and products is higher than ever now, according to studies revealing that the global wellness market is now worth $3.4 trillion, making it nearly three times larger than the $1 trillion* worldwide pharmaceutical industry.

Increasing numbers of people are regularly using natural and alternative products for health and beauty reasons.

Alternative health is no longer alternative!

It’s no longer, “we are what we eat”. It’s more a question of “we are what we absorb”.

Everything is energy and it’s essential we fuel our bodies with good food in energetic alignment to allow best absorption.

You need genuine ingredients at the real dose as used in the clinical trials. Too many people overpay for inferior formulas with substitute ingredients which won’t get you the results you need.


Your body has its own repair mechanism (stem cells), which have the physical ability to regenerate & repair ANY damaged cells. This repair mechanism is alive and well when we are younger, but slows down considerably with age. Anywhere you have damage or regeneration you will have ‘stem cells’.

Imagine your health improving, not deteriorating with time, and enjoying greater physical, mental and emotional strength. AminoBoosters help to revive aging cells as well as nourishing and repairing unhealthy ones.

All the amino acids needed for human life are contained within the AminoBoosters formula: these vital building blocks for the body normalise the secretion of stress hormones, boosting serotonin and dopamine.

People who use this food supplement report increased energy and libido, deeper sleep and the documented beneficial effects on stress management and depression.

The AminoBoosters formula contains no artificial additives

and is safe to use by men, women and children

who face physical and psychological challenges.

Clinical trials and hundreds of testimonials for YTE® and AminoBoosters prove evidence of relief from depression, dementia, Alzeimers and Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, tiredness, lack of libido and an impaired immune system.

AminoBoosters help to elevate your mood, increase brain function, memory and alertness, decrease stress as well as increasing stamina and energy, giving you a better sense of wellbeing.

Amino Boosters use pure Norwegian YTE® which is a highly absorbable bioavailable source of the 23 Amino Acids required by the human body.

The human body is comprised of approximately 20% protein and Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of all proteins in your body.

What is YTE®?
YTE® is a patented food supplement developed and patented by the Norwegian government and made exclusively in Norway.

What does YTE® mean?
YTE® stands for young tissue extract, This is because it is a nutrient that is extracted from fertilised hen eggs that have been incubated for 9 days.

This patented process extracts and gently processes all of the core nutrients from the egg white. This is called PreEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE).

The Story of YTE®?

YTE® was first discovered back in 1929 by a Canadian Doctor called John R. Davidson. He was observing fertilised hen eggs and realised that on day 9 of incubation the egg went through an incredible growth spurt that caused a tripling of the embryo inside the egg.

He hypothesised that the nutrients inside the egg on this ninth day must be very powerful if they could cause a tripling in the growth cycle that was enough for a fluffy chick to hatch just 12 days later.

Dr. Davidson began successfully treating his patients by injecting the YTE® nutrients. He died shortly after presenting his research at the Third International Cancer Conference, just as he was seeing success with his technique, and his research was lost for almost 50 years.

That was until 50 years later when Norwegian scientists working with the Norwegian government made the same discovery as Dr. Davidson that the fertilised hen egg contained very potent nutrients on the 9th day of incubation.

As nutritional and scientific understanding had advanced considerably since 1929, the Norwegian scientists understood immediately that the nutrients extracted contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein fractions including a complete array of 23 Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins as well as some very important growth factors.

Best Value YTE® On The Market
YTE® is a very well documented and studied food supplement appearing in several published and peer reviewed studies and a google search will show you that there are a few companies around the world selling a YTE® based product.

However all the studies that were conducted used a daily dosage of 1600mg which is 4 tablets a day of pure YTE® powder. These other companies typically sell a 30 capsule one month supply for more than the AminoBoosters 120 capsule one month supply.

This handy Comparison Chart shows at a glance.

Competitors number 1 and 2 are the largest names in this area, who claimed to use the right amounts of genuine YTE® but now admit that they either do not AT ALL or do not AT THE RIGHT DOSE.

Competitor 3 sells in a very limited market and does not have the supporting formula:

A number of Doctors recommend YTE® – most recently Dr Christopher Hertzog who is a British Medical Doctor and Anti Aging Specialist.

Angela Wright, cofounder of Get Your Boom! Back, was consulted by Dr Hertzog prior to the publication of his book.

Dr Hertzog confirms that Lamine does not contain YTE®.

In his recently published book Dr Hertzog refers to YTE® as “The Ultimate Gift To Health” and categorically says about YTE®:

“There is just such a vast amount of evidence it is impossible to support suggestions this product does not work.”

and, talking about competitors,

“… however they did patent a version of what was developed in Norway and decided to market it on an MLM basis (Multi Level Marketing) which is in essence a revised and legal form of the earlier pyramid selling scheme…”


“Remember that if you are buying through MLM the reward structure has to be paid for, which does not go towards the actual cost or quality of the product… as most sales have hitherto been promoted via MLM, it is only now in the light of increased research and reviews, that purer forms are becoming available…”


“How do I know that what I am being offered is the genuine article? This is a very real problem…Does it contain fertilised incubated avian egg extract? If not, don’t waste your money buying it!”


“… (YTE) provides a great number of benefits described in this book, which in total can only have a beneficial effect on aging and a healthier lifestyle.”

and, talking about the history of YTE®,

“…Dr Davidson began using his new found extract on human cancer patients straight away with good results. Later on, when the process was further developed in Norway… human subjects were again used, with often spectacular results.

“It must be emphasised yet again, that such tests could only be valid if carried out with an extract obtained at the correct stage of development with an avian incubated fertilised egg – PESE – Proto Embryonic Stage Extract, harvested at Day 9…

If the fertilised egg is NOT incubated the results will be meaningless, as the correct extract is not being employed (see comments in reports by Angela Wright MBE and Med-Eq themselves in Norway.)”


“…As more publicity is given to this product (YTE®)… more and more of the population will benefit from a remarkable scientific breakthrough….

“As a stem cell enhancer it can only do good. These cells die off and are reduced in number as we age, and to find a product that can restore the balance to the level found in earlier years, can surely only be beneficial…

“If in addition we can regain strength in our weakening muscles and feel less depressed and have a better sex life, surely it is worth going for?!”

When conducting your research on the YTE® health discovery, you will learn about the remarkable history of YTE®, first recognized back in 1929 by Dr. John R. Davidson.

Dr Davidson enhanced many lives from unhealthy to healthy, by getting the body and the mind, back to a healthy state.

There are reports of YTE® helping to regulate the adrenal hormones to enhance tissue function, including muscle, skin, the gut, vascular, nerve and immune system functions.

There is research about YTE® reducing physical and mental stress, improving metabolism to assist in burning fat, promoting more restful sleep and increasing libido.

Some studies have shown that YTE® helps people who face physical and mental challenges, plus has a positive effect on physical activities including quicker recovery after exercise

There are many testimonies of promoting muscle tone and strength, effectively improving energy levels and increasing stamina.

Fifty years after Dr Davidson’s pioneering work, research into fertilized incubated hen egg extract was revived by Norway’s foremost experts on egg research.

Dr. Bjodne Eskeland and Nils Christian Mortensen worked together in Med-Eq, which bought the rights to YTE® from the Norwegian government and went on to do further work together on developing YTE®..

Doctors who have worked with YTE® hypothesized that partially incubated, fertilized hen eggs contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein fractions that could help provide an important array of health benefits when consumed by humans.

In theory, these partially incubated, fertilized eggs – specifically 9-day-old fertilized eggs, contain all the nutrients required to start a new life.

This includes vitamins, minerals and proteins, important defense factors, growth factors, hormones and other biologically active components.

The high level of oligopeptides (small peptides) gave credence to research carried out on the necessity of rapid transport across the digestive membrane in order to achieve effective benefits from amino acids.

The fertilized incubated egg extract formula was studied extensively to find out why this key ingredient that had so many seemingly perfect health” benefits.

It has been suggested that PESE within the right supporting formula can assist with symptoms caused by our diets and environment.

Skin and hair health, moods (depression), memory loss, fatigue and cardiovascular health are most affected by today’s lifestyle.

You can think of the PESE as the “Director of Operations” for the body.

Having such a perfectly balanced, natural, transport mechanism, it is believed that the right supporting formula containing all amino acids will find their way to the right areas of the body and be guided to perform their function efficiently.

The AminoBoosters formula contains ingredients most critical for your healthy skin, hair, memory function, cardiovascular health and energy.

Competitors’ products do not contain ANY YTE®. They did originally but do not now. When a supplement says it includes “fertilised avian egg extract” from the USA, this means it is just from a fertilised chicken egg. As Nils Mortensen Christiansen says,

When marketing says a supplement includes “fertilised avian egg extract” from the USA, this means it is just from a fertilised chicken egg.

As Nils Mortensen Christiansen says, “You might as well have a fried egg for breakfast.” It is not incubated and not YTE®. Eggs in the USA are not salmonella free.

Eggs in the USA are not salmonella free. Norway is one of the few countries in the world with salmonelle-free eggs.

Get Your Boom! Back use ONLY genuine ingredients at the right dose. Only original, pure Norwegian YTE® are used in both AminoBoosters and AminoPure.

YTE® is avian incubated fertilised egg including PESE – Proto Embryonic Stage Extract. Only YTE® is trademarked and patented to include fertilised INCUBATED egg extract, with the unique extraction system at exactly the right time on the 9th day. NO other product is the same as this.

Anyone can say their product includes “young tissue extract” or “youth tissue extract” because these are descriptive words and cannot be trademarked. These terms are meaningless.

“Fertilized avian egg extract” is simply a chicken egg that has been fertilized. But the fertilization is unable to take effect without being incubated.

That’s when the fertilization “comes alive” and the magic happens.

Only through incubation and then extraction at exactly the right moment can the albumen (egg white) contain PESE – Proto Embryonic Stage Extract and become genuine YTE®.

A patented process extracts the vital nutritional fluid from the white of an egg at the proto embryonic stage, known as Proto Embryonic Stage Extract (PESE).

The extract provides a mechanism of rapid transport of very critical nutrients. The right formulation of amino acids and peptides can be utilized in the right manner, with the body “directing” their correct use.

Commonplace and cheaper amino acid formulations do not contain this factors and may not be utilized by the brain in the most efficient manner.

There has been some speculation that the PESE also contains Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor but there are no serious studies supporting this claim. The manufacturers of YTE® also do not claim it includes FGF.

Reputable companies like Get Your Boom! Back are careful to only refer to accepted clinical trials and serious, impartial scientific research.

Dr. Roald Strand is a Norwegian doctor who is a member of The Norwegian Medical Association (DNLF) and AAEM – the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Dr Strand says,

” In October 2013 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When I was encouraged to try the food supplement YTE® I was intrigued.”YTE restored my energy and balance! Traditional medicine helped to a certain point – YTE brought me to a higher quality of living.

“After a week using YTE® I felt a significant increase in energy. I felt stronger. Normal everyday tasks like carrying groceries, walking up stairs or simply going for a walk that just a few weeks ago felt like a struggle, were now much easier.

“The improvement has continued and I feel I have recovered at least 80 % of my functional level. I continue using YTE® and recommend it to my patients: I believe patients with neurological problems greatly benefit, also people suffering from lack of energy… people can experience many health benefits from taking YTE®.”

A human clinical study published in the scientific journal Clinical Nutrition reports that YTE®, is proven to significantly improve people’s ability to tolerate acute mental stress, normalizes hormonal responses and has a positive effect in anxiety.

Another human clinical study accepted for publication, demonstrates that the AminoBoosters ingredient YTE® is an effective treatment in alleviating depression and acts as a powerful mood enhancer.

Both studies are published in scientific articles in peer reviewed psychology journals.

The two clinical studies formed part of a large project of exploration: the first indications of a benefit in the treatment of depression and mood disorders were discovered in 1997, when a pilot study at the University of Denver revealed an improvement in depression as well as a reduction in the severity of adverse side- effects during medication for depression.

Get Your Boom! Back cofounder Angela Wright MBE has created formulas with a particular emphasis raising vibrations, recharging chakras, meridian realignment and pineal gland activation.

“Much of the food we eat has become dead and sterilized” says Angela.

“There is huge confusion about RDAs (“recommended daily allowances”) of vitamins and minerals; our water supplies are contaminated with farm animal antibiotics and industrial toxins; as a result, ever-increasingly compromised immune systems, IBS, stress, depression and other diseases make it hard for people to live life to the full.

“We are making AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ available to help families take care of their health – without dangerous drugs or unaffordable expense” summarises Angela.”

AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ revolutionary formulas are made with genuine ingredients at the right dose, clinically proven to be effective. Our Always Honest Pricing is part of our Triple Guarantee of quality, effectiveness and value for money.”


Important: The Young Tissue Extract YTE® is derived from eggs. If you have an egg allergy it is not recommended that you ingest YTE®.

The ingredients in AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ are food extracts that are listed on the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list approved by the FDA.



4 capsules with breakfast


WHEN you feel that you are at your optimum health and are ready for maintenance, you can reduce the dose and see whether a smaller dose is sufficient. Normally people take between 4 and 1 capsule per day, depending on the demands of their life.

If you have a very active family life, business or work, social or sports, taxing intellectual work or heavy physical demands on your body, you will find that continuing at 4 capsules/day suits you better.

The best thing for you is to try anywhere between 1 and 4 capsules per day and settle on the best option for you.

If you have serious health issues, either physical, mental or spiritual, then you are not ready for the maintenance dose.

If you feel you need more, evaluate your individual needs as to what level you need to be on. There are individuals who take 1 a day and individuals that take up to 6 daily depending on health needs.

It may be that you will want to stay on 4 capsules for ultimate energy and health.

NOTE: If you are on medications this program may well change your need for your dosages. Please be advised only by your physician if there is any need of change.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Drink at least 2 litres, preferably more, water to help the body with cleansing the blood and throwing off toxins. This is vital for health regardless of what program you are on.

If you are not used to, or have health problems that have inhibited you drinking a lot of water, please begin sipping water during the day.


For three days you may wish to start out by taking 1 in the morning to see how your body reacts and increase when you are more comfortable and then follow the normal protocol. Remember to listen to your body and adjust accordingly, if your system is sensitive.

Medical Disclaimer: None of the information contained in this document or on this website constitutes medical advice in any way, or claims cure or treatment of any medical condition. Always consult a health professional regarding your personal health issues.

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