MI40X Review : How to boost muscle growth naturally ?

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For years, both males and females have been searching for approaches and manner to improve the primary physique of their body without fat.

Inspite of every passing day, one isn’t surprised that the world seems to be going crazy.

That is an extremely smart and seemingly innovative weight gain program aimed toward saving time and focusing on the usage of the body’s natural recovery process without the need for heavy supplementation or magic pill formulation.

Ben takes you thru the importance of body position and angles and exactly why CEP works and how the key 4 mins of weight training has such an effect.

It’s not just words or a written manual, however you could see exactly how this is achieved with the included videos.

He puts simply as an awful lot effort into the science of muscle building as he does his training.

He’s methodical in each aspect of training and teaches how to maximize the training stimulus from every repetition.

That is why such a lot of high level fitness competitors look to him for advice and ask him to be their trainer.

That is really stated to have achieved through combining numerous training strategies, resulting in incredible fat reduction and muscle build up.

The buildup of the muscle fiber by the use of Hybrid Muscle training is said to be tremendous in nature.

In fact, in this approach, muscular tissues burn fat and in turn muscular tissues transform into tough muscle fiber.

That is known as muscle shifting, making the muscle develop bigger and along with burning useless fat.

The main purpose of this training program, according to the authors is to make your body use the natural form of fat for energy whereas however, preserving in such a way to build a lean muscle mass.

This is targeted to achieve by feeding the muscle tissue however starving the fats.

A new approach of over feeding for certain days and an underfeeding for certain days could make body to burn fat where required.

In case you are determined, you could get maximum advantage out of this system, reducing fat and build muscle shape and strength too at the same time.

What is MI40X Program ?

The program focuses on making the body enter a state known as ‘hyper-recovery’ which sends the body’s healing time through the roof for longer.

Your time at the gymnasium must be about stimulating the muscles into growth, your muscular tissues then build during recovery.

So, by increasing the effectiveness of the recovery duration, your body’s potential to put on muscle increases.

How does the 4 minute trick come into play? The last 4 mins of exercising makes all of the distinction, containing 205% more muscle gain than the relaxation of your exercise.

Now, conventional training basically teaches us that lifting weights tears muscle fibres and puts the body into a ‘crisis mode’.

Thru the repair process, the cells inside the muscle expand however this period is limited between your workout routines.

Mi40x changes this up by the use of cell expansion Protocol (CEP), that is triggered during the crucial 4 mins.

CEP places every cell in each muscle within the hyper-healing mode without tearing down the fibers and dropping the post-workout ‘pump’

Instead you’ll be left with the constant expansion and a constant pump! CEP produces far more myo-satellite cells than conventional training, the cells that repair the muscle damage, consequently faster recovery and quicker increase.

How does it work ?

MI40X contains a guide known as the “7 Day Detox diet” that teaches you a way to detox harmful estrogens which are wreaking havoc on your potential to build muscle.

Moreover MI40X provides you with a complete 18 weeks of programming that allows for a built in progression for muscle building enthusiasts from beginner to expert.

Included you’ll find a 6-phase completely periodised 40 day program to address hypertrophy, strength and energy.

This program will push your limits and maximise increase.

The MI40X muscle building training program is a high-depth technique revolves around extending your normal set right into a four-minute agonizing struggle against fatigue and ache through consisting of a static stretching posture whilst maintaining hold of the weight and contracting the antagonist muscle, instead of losing it and resting as regular.

After a certain amount of seconds within the stretched position, you drop the start-up weight for a lighter one and repeat the procedure, then drop once more and repeat for up to a entire of 4 minutes.

The muscle building program gives specific information in regards to the workout choice, workout order, set period, rest period and meals choice.

It is even possible to request a customised muscle building meal plan unique for your body fat percentage, body weight and fitness goals from Ben Pakulski.

The program comes complete with video coaching on how to carry out every workout successfully and safely.

1.Speedy start action Plan – five minute video getting you starting with CEP in mins! ideal if you’re pushed for time!

2.Mi40X CEP training Blueprint – a perfect bible if you’re like most of the people and need that step-by-step, hand-holding manual to get CEP working for you, full of remarkable instructions on how to get that ideal body you want.

3.Nutrients Plan – CEP training works perfectly combined with the proper nutrients plan. the amount of muscle you bulk is all depending on the amount and quality of your meals consumption.

4.Video training Library – each workout from Ben himself broken down in to 3 stages and can be utilized if you’re a beginner, have a chunk of enjoy or are a total pro!

MI40X was birthed from Ben Pakulski’s exhaustive bodybuilding know-how and the input from the world’s brightest docs, therapists and overall performance coaches.

As with every muscle building program the outcomes will just be as effective as the amount of effort you are willing to put into the program.

According to Ben Pakulski, even if you just apply a 10th of the principles as laid out in the MI40X muscle building program, you will still see dramatic outcomes.

Who is the creator of MI40X program ?

Ben Pakulski is the creator of MI40X muscle building program, the new Xtreme muscle building program successor of the already Popular MI40.

He is a very successful top bodybuilding champion with an engaging and motivational style who takes satisfaction in helping all guys and gals from all walks of life build muscle, burn fat and drastically rearrange their body composition, apart from competing in top contests.

The new MI40X muscle building program takes over from the previous MI40 and onto the next level, taking Mass motive into a new dimension known as cell expansion Protocol.

The concept behind the cell expansion as the key for an outstanding and relentless growth in muscles in a fraction of time is the result of a scientific study, for which he gives documentation, showing how a “guinea pigs” group concerned, made up of ten 20 to 30-year-old men, obtained superior increases in muscles, energy, and reduction of fat tissue comparing to a conventional style training group.

Key benefits of MI40X Program

  • Ben Pakulski’s taken care of the workout/weight lifting side of things completely, and he’s also added a bunch of beneficial information on dieting and the way to build the most amount of muscle possible from a nutrition perspective.
  • The workout plans are very unique, the manuals very genuinely written and video instruction available on the way to perform each workout safely and effectively.
  • in addition to the muscle building nutritional guide you furthermore mght have the option to have Ben Pakulski customise particular meal plans for you which is particular for your body fat percentage, body weight and fitness goals.
  • MI40X comes with a no questions asked money back assure, which means that that Ben Pakulski ensures that you’ll see results with the MI40 Xtreme muscle building program.
  • This program will help you put on a ton of lean muscular tissues using a training technique that simplest takes 4-mins dubbed as “cell expansion Protocol” training.
  • Ben included stacks of precious muscle building and fats burning information without the fluff.
  • lots of video content to help you on your journey to building a few attention-demanding muscle.
  • A guide with a bunch of various exercises and pics to support it that will help you build as much muscle as possible.

Side effects of MI40X Program

This program is safe for anybody.

however This program isn’t intended to use for pregnant and nursing women.

It isn’t recommended for any man or woman to use this program ,if they may be below the age of 18, or are presently affected by a severe clinical condition.

Why should use MI40X Program ?

Ben Pakulski has included a bunch of outstanding information on how your body builds muscle and methods to hasten the process.

He’s also covered a manual with a bunch of various exercises and pics to support it that will help you build as much muscle as possible.

The guide suggests you which physical activities stress the desired muscle group the most, and a way to perform the workout effectively, so that you’re not doing an excessive amount of damage for your joints and body.

The MI40X muscle building program is based totally on the cell expansion Protocol (CEP) precept.

CEP training is scientifically proven to recruit the maximum amount of myosattelite cells. these highly specialized “helper cells” attach to muscle tissues in response to CEP, and donate a nuclei.

The more often you do it, the more nuclei you’ll be able to recruit. increased number of nuclei in the working muscle means increased recovery and therefore growth.

CEP training results in more growth than could have been previously possible because of your genetic limitations.

CEP training is primarily based around intra-set stretching, a brutal 4 minute protocol. The studies shows 200% more growth.

The MI40X program consists of a CEP application manual and a CEP Blueprint.

The CEP Blueprint explains the 4 concepts on which cell growth Protocol is based totally where as the CEP application guide is more the realistic application of these concepts.

The 4 principles that CEP is primarily based on is cell swelling, time under anxiety, intra-set stretching and blood flow limit.

What does MI40X Program offer?

The training format is split into distinctive stages and up to 18 weeks, and it is flexible sufficient to be adjusted to beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

  • The complete MI40 CEP training system.
  • The CEP speedy start training Video, five short mins to get you in the gymnasium and growing quicker than ever.
  • Workout Execution manual, each workout, every step, laid out with idiot-evidence instructions even my moronic ex-training partner should effortlessly understand.
  • The CEP training Video Library, each CEP-friendly exercise visually demonstrated by Ben Pakulski, which includes instructions for beginners, intermediate muscleheads, and advanced athletes.
  • And The CEP overall training Library, so you see every workout you’ll EVER want to build the body you choice.
  • The CEP Blueprint…all the technological know-how explained… in a way so easy you do not need a PHD to understand it!
  • The CEP practical application guide…how to apply the CEP concepts for UNSTOPPABLE gains!
  • The CEP nutrition manual…nutrients tips for optimum results… for lifestyles!
  • The CEP supplement manual…a complete manual to THE exceptional dietary supplements… what you have to be taking to OPTIMIZE your training AND your outcomes!
  • The CEP FAQ manual…the most regularly asked questions, included in-depth… so, much less guessing, more growing!
  • 3 levels of CEP workout routines…from natural newbie, to pro athlete, each angle included…and warning, “pro” means pro! 😉
  • The 7 Day Primer phase…a short program, intelligently designed, to prepare you for optimum outcomes during MI40 CEP!
  • The 7 Day Detox diet…you are gonna need to make use of your calories as great you could during MI40 CEP.. this handy little short term food regimen will have your body geared up to crush IT when the time comes!!


  • It does not depend on one sort of training.
  • The training is organized in a properly planned way.
  • It offers 60-day money back assure.
  • The audio-video food regimen guides are very effective and form an crucial component.


  • The manual for a novice isn’t there.
  • there is an excessive amount of of combination involved between food regimen and training.
  • The instructor has to have guidance and working independently on this system appears complicated.

MI40X Training Program price

The price for the complete MI40 CEP training system at $97 only.

For just 1 hassal free small investment of only $97.

You read that right.

Not 3 payments of $97
Not 2 payments of $97
Simplest 1 price of just $97


It was designed to maximise sarcoplasmic muscle growth particularly for people with solid training history.

MI40X is primarily based on the cell expansion protocol which will make sure the maximum muscle gains within the shortest time period possible.

Instead of training to tear down your muscular tissues and recovering and resting to repair and build those, MI40X CEP selectively stimulates the focused muscles to go into hyper-recovery mode.

This translates to quicker recovery, which in turn results in quicker results.

Even though this muscle building program is more targeted at the intermediate to advanced bodybuilder, it was also designed with the beginner, that is willing to work hard, in mind.

The bodybuilding program comes with beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise plans.

Each detail has been meticulously calculated into the program.

The workout choice, workout order, set duration, relaxation duration and meals selection have all been calculated into the program.

Number 40 in the CEP MI40X bodybuilding program refers to 40 individual exercises contained in MI40x.

Every week you rotate thru distinctive exercises so that you’re not following the same seven day workout six times (40 days).

This is the perfect Bodybuilding program for you.

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