11 Recommended Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services 2024

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Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Because the right nutrition is undoubtedly bound to health, I always look for healthy hacking. Food delivery services that offer healthy premade food or ready-cooked food are a good way to save yourself from yourself, so to talk.

But it’s not all business and broccoli: eating kits also mean having fun in the kitchen, learn new cooking techniques and find new favorite food recipes, especially for beginner cooks.

This Week’s Top Stories About Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Healthy food kits and food delivery services offer delicious food and curation serving personal taste and your nutritional needs.

One reason people – like me, for example – tend to choose tableware and food delivery during the classical diet is they take some potential for human mistakes and self-sabotage.

If you order 3 healthy food or dining equipment at the beginning every week, for example, there is a good chance you will really eat the food and less than the chance you will make a jerk’s decision to have greasy pizza or heavy weight of spaghetti.

Using one of these services for meal planning is also protection against the behavior and traps that cannot be avoided when you move your basket in the wholesale hallway.

Order healthy food for shipping first helps regulate your week with quality, nutritious food – at least for several meals.

Plus, dining equipment, and meal delivery services offer nutritional accountability, letting you track exactly how much you eat and nutritional information every meal.

Some of the services listed here are shipping prepared healthy meal , send food cooked completely – often frozen or partially frozen – and ready to eat when you receive it.

Others include dining equipment that focuses on health with measured ingredients and portions of all the boxes and are ready for cooking a week that is easy.

There are striking differences between eating kits and food delivery but both make dinner easier and can translate to healthier eating options for you.

Best meal Kit

While Blue Apron is probably the first big player in the shipping kit sector, special equipment and shipping services that are tailored to menu options for organic lifestyles, low carbohydrates, vegetarians and vegans followed by close.

Startup shipping companies kits such as green chefs, sunbaskets and purple carrots offer vegetarian friendly food and organic food equipment for healthy eating.

This healthy meal delivery service is different in the offer and audience target, but all can be adjusted to keep delicious food equipment week after week.

Best Meal delivery service

Meal delivery companies prepared such as Veestro, fresh, spoons and trifectives are amazing have taken a step further, providing delicious, healthy and fully prepared food, frozen soup, wheat bowl, breakfast items and more every week.

Healthy meal delivery services are can take can take the guesswork out of breakfast lunch and dinner, which is the key when you lack time, limit the trip to the grocery store or bored again on the same recipe and the takeout menu option.

This service helps people even with special meal preferences or certain food restrictions such as food allergies.

Stay on track with diet and nutrition that is good thanks to several inventive menu options and full nutritional transparency.

As mentioned above, many of these healthy meal delivery services have a unique health or diet specialty, so whatever healthy food version you are looking for, we have you.

Outside the low choice of carbohydrates or vegetarians are meal shipping kits for keto and paleo lifestyles, organic or vegan diets, and low-calorie eating plans that help lose weight.

So, if you want to avoid processed sugar, go vegan or start a paleo diet, this can definitely help start your plan while making sure you eat delicious food.

Various plans and price details for some of the most popular meal delivery services.


Nutrition for longevity (N4L) provides high-rich nutritional foods of fruits, vegetables, & fibers, to help restore balance in your body and to help you develop.

All food is based on a long life diet, and Dr. Valter Longo a leading researcher in a healthy aging, and every day covers at least 10 servings of fruit and vegetables, 25 grams of fiber, and less than 30% of your daily calories of fat.

Nutrition for longevity provides a healthy eating plan to help you return to its track, stay on track, and fulfill your weight goals. We loved the quality of the material and how fresh and light, but filled, the food was.

Dinner kits are simple to make and requested very little preparation and the salad lunch is really delicious and something I look forward to eating every day.

If you want to start eating a better N4L offer the guide you need to start and stay on track.

If you have eaten healthy, you can’t beat the comfort of 3 days worth of solid food high quality nutrition sent directly to your door.

  • Vegan 3 Day Plan: Meal Starting from $ 12
  • Vegan 5 Day Plan: Meal Starting from $ 11
  • Pescatarian3 Day Plan: Meal Starting from $ 12
  • Package 5 Day Pescatarian: Meal starts from $ 12


Made by her personal coach Marco Borges, and in a partnership with Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z, Nutrition 22 days is a vegan eating planning service that serves to help you create a better version of you through healthy organic plant-based foods.

While 22-day nutrition is not a meal delivery service per say, they have made a system that provides high-quality recipes and food plans directly to you.

Since 2010, Beyonce and Borges have inspired people to finally consider their own health and to learn how certain foods have an impact on their bodies.

By cutting meat, gluten, and soybean products you will maintain your body with only the best possible ingredients and ideally visible and feel the best.

Starting with 22 day nutrition is very easy, and you have the ability to adjust everything so that it is suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

You can enter cooking habits, dietary restrictions, what goals you want to achieve, allergies you have, and how many people live in your home. From there, personalized eating plans will be made based on everything you add.

You are not only planned to eat, but you can also browse more than a thousand different recipes and choose and choose the most interesting to you.

After you make a choice, Nutrition 22 days later it will produce a shopping list and you can go to the nearest store or order through the application depending on where you live. All left to do from there is the cook and enjoy.

3 months: billed every quarter with $ 39.00

12 months: billed every year at $ 99.00


Everyplate is a food delivery service that is here to save your time and money every week.

Whether it’s taken home, food delivery, eating kits, restaurants, or home cooking, at a price of $ 5 per serving, you will have trouble finding another dining option that will satisfy your hunger for that price.

After you register for the EveryPlate meal kit, you start customizing your package and food.

There are more than 11 meals to choose from that change every week, but be careful, some of them have additional costs for materials that are a little more, such as steak and seafood.

Meal kits are sent once a week and enter everything you need to prepare your food, except for a few staples.

Every foothold assumes you will have cooking oil, salt, and pepper, and also expect you to provide flour, sugar, butter and your own milk.

Depending on your area, each EveryPlate delivery comes Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

EveryPlate ensures you have a variety of options every week. This brand offers eleven new items every week to choose from.

One thing to note is that most of these options are completely curated for dinner. Even though you can eat it for lunch, this service is not made with breakfast in mind.

Because the menu changes every week, we cannot guarantee the option below will be available but at the time of booking, this is the selected option for two people and 3 dinners:

Griddled Onion Bird With Cream Dijon Aioli & Frites
Sweet chili pork tacos with red cabbage slaw, Zesty Crema & Peanuts
Pai steak pans with thyme, carrots & fragment biscuits crust

EveryPlate encourages its customers to have pots, pots, baking sheets, knives, and cutting boards available.

If the recipe calls for something more complex, such as using zester, peeler, masher potatoes, shaker, filter, or aluminum foil, the brand will call it.


They will send to your door the best on seasonal-season farms – fresh food, local items and food prepared by chefs, plus your favorite grocery brands.

FreshDirect claims to provide high-quality products and ingredients.

All orders are filled the night prior to your delivery day, which can help maximize their freshness.

Plus, the company lets you choose the delivery time slot to ensure that you or other people are available to accept your order.

Frozen products remain fresh for up to 2 hours after giving birth, while frozen foods must be stored in the freezer immediately.

For most regions, fresh also mandates a minimum order quantity of $ 30 for home delivery. Shipping costs range from $ 5.99- $ 15.99 and are determined based on your location.

Or, you can join delivery pass, new services that offer free limit shipping with the time slot ordered. Membership fee $ 6.50 – $ 13.17 per month depending on your shipping preferences.

Freshdirect may be a good choice for those who want to order their weekly food ingredients in a certain time slot.

Although a little more expensive than traditional food shipping stores, the company offers comfort and various products.

However, the selection of certain items – including organic or special items – may be limited.


The Hellofresh meal kit offers a variety of favorites that are familiar with a few simple and easy bends that make them a better choice than some competitors.

The ingredients are of good quality, the order process is simple, and the recipe is clear and easy to follow, even though it is not in the absolute beginner.

The recipe is delicious, fast making and interesting enough to shake everything, but quite familiar not to scare children. The ingredients are fresh and arrive in very good condition, and the order process is simple.

This is perfect for food lovers who know their way in the kitchen. However, true beginners may fight a little with some lack of detail in recipes.

If you like options, meat & vegetable packages are ways to go, with 23 recipes to choose from every week, including recipes from other plans.

The Hellofresh meal kit comes once a week via FedEx, UPS, or regional courier.

You can choose the preferred delivery day between Monday to Saturday, but you cannot choose the delivery time. Kit Arrives around 8 am and 8 P.M.

You don’t have to go home, and you can leave the instructions about where it must be dropped (eg, the side yard, terrace, etc.). We left our box sealed and opened it at 5 P.M. The content is still a lot of cold.

There are three plans – vegetables, classics, and family – each with a similar cost.

Veggie’s plan: 3recipes per week at $ 9.99 per serving.

Classic plan: Options two, three, or four of your recipes per week at $ 9.99 per serving.

If you choose a four-person package, your only choice is three recipes per week. If you choose two recipes per week on a two-person plan, there is a shipping cost of $ 7.99.

Family plan: two or three recipes per week at $ 8.74 per serving.

In other words, Hellofresh costs between $ 9 and $ 10 per person per meal.

It’s much cheaper than eating in restaurants, obviously, but this is more expensive than a normal restaurant. Or is it? I decided to dig deeper into numbers.


HomeChef is a popular meal delivery service that offers many healthy food choices. Some people find good food delivery services because it saves planning and shopping time.

Other people can use services as a cheaper alternative to eat outside.

HomeChef is a subscription based meal kit service that provides ingredients and recipes for people to cook at home.

People choose recipes from the weekly menu to fit their preferences and diet requirements. They can customize the recipe to exchange ingredients or make other changes, such as multiplying proteins.

The company delivers the ingredients in measured portions along with recipes. Customers then cook recipes at home.

HomeChef offers a food kit that is ready in 15 or 30 minutes. They also provide oven food and not cooking that does not need to be prepared by someone.

Customers can choose the amount of food they want every week and choose from various serving sizes. It is also possible to buy home chef food in several grocery stores owned by Kroger.

Options are available for people after a vegetarian diet, low in calories, or carbohydrates. Vegan options are currently not available every week.

Even though the HomeChef does not provide food for certain diets, such as keto or paleo diet, some foods may be suitable for the plan.

While customers can adjust food to suit their dietary requirements, the HomeChef facilities are not certified allergens, and food can come into contact with allergens during shipping.

The HomeChef makes calculating your meal costs very easy.

Regardless of the frequency of shipping or size of your family (two, four, or six), each portion will cost you $ 9.99. If your plan exceeds $ 40 per week, free shipping, if it doesn’t cost $ 10.


Magic Kitchen is a food delivery service that sends pre-cooked frozen food directly to your doorstep.

In addition to offering a wide range of special diets, one thing that sets a magic kitchen other than its competitors is that it has a special meal plan that is specifically intended for seniors.

Senior meal is the main focus of the magic kitchen. The company sees the need for seniors who need warm food, nutrition but cannot always cook themselves.

They also offer a variety of special dietary foods related to health to ensure you get what you need … and what you don’t do.

You can order online or by telephone and can choose items one by one or register in the meal program that will deliver meal for you on the schedule you specify.

Magic Kitchen’s Auto-Ship Program Weekly, Bi-monthly or Monthly.

They offer one, two or three meals a day. If you prefer to order on request rather than signup for a meal plan, you can browse the menu and order online.

The large menu of magic kitchens can be filtered by dietary restrictions, types of food, and price points.

You will also be able to browse the full food menu – which usually includes entrées and two sides – or menu items a la carte.

Customers also have the option to buy a dining bundle, which includes several meals, sent together. You can see the description of each item in the bundle before buying.

Magic Kitchen offers food for almost a dozen different dietary requirements.

You can get food for vegetarian, gluten-free, friendly dialysis, friendly diabetes, low-fat, low carbohydrates, low sodium, low cholesterol, kidney, diet controlled by milk and controlled portion.

This meal is specifically designed to meet customer needs with each health problem.

In addition to its main meal offer, Magic Kitchen offers a group of certain foods designed by nutritionists for older adults.

Magic Kitchen fell at the higher end of the spectrum of food ready to use in terms of costs.

Their food is around $ 12 per serving, plus shipping which starts around $ 18. Discounts are offered on each order if you choose a dining package.


Michelin-Star Chef Aliya Leekong and a team of their own culinary experts, founder Dan Wise has created a series of meals that are made with high-quality ingredients from the agricultural region of the New York finger lakes.

Cooked, sealed in air-tight containers, and shipped on ice-cooled to your door, realistic healthy prepared meals are designed to return your free time. Boiled water.

Drop the pouches in. It is so easy.

All RealEats orders regardless of whether you choose to start immediately with the customization of your package or navigate through your weekly selection of healthy prepared meals will take you through the following steps:

Choosing a plan: Realeats offers dinner or dinner + weekly breakfast deliveries that can contain four to twenty-four meals. Each meal serves an adult.

Selection of meals: Choose from a weekly menu set seasonal or updated. All meals have less than 600 calories with several low-calorie, dairy and vegetarian meals each week.

Selection of add-ons: For a little more, Realeats offers soups, chilies, breakfasts, protein, sides, drinks and sandwiches as possible extra to your order.

Realeats meals can be prepared in 6 minutes (or less). To warm, bring a large pot from water over low heat, place bags in the water and heat depending on the time indicated in each menu item.

Generally, proteins take approx 6 minutes and sides 3 minutes.

All Realeats meals are sealed within free BPA, plasticizers and plastic bags without phthalate.

These bags are made of quality bags for food that are used by gourmet restaurants for a “Sous-Vide” style kitchen. They are safe to place in hot water, but they can not go to the microwave.

Realeats is a flexible meal subscription service. There is no minimum subscription period and can skip, pause or cancel your subscription at any time through your online account.

Currently, Realeats offers the eastern part of the United States and is adding delivery areas regularly. Be sure to check the site to confirm that you are inside your delivery area.

The cost of Realeats meals begins at $ 7.99 / food and varies according to the chosen plan that can be omitted, paused or canceled at any time. All come with free shipping. Here is the breakdown.


The Dinner Daily is a program designed to help people easily prepare their meal using ingredients that are on sale. Do all thought, planning and budget for yourself!

A unique feature of The Dinner Daily is its “menus based on sales of your store”. When you register dinner daily (offer a free 2-week trial), you can select the size of your family, status, menu type and your store.

There are 6 menu types to choose from, without seafood, no red / non-pork meat, poultry and vegetarian, vegetarian with seafood and vegetarians.

You can choose the store that usually buys to buy groceries in more than 11,000 stores in 48 states, such as Kroger, Publix, Giant, Audi, Lion Food, and many others.

If your store is not on the list, you can simply select “any store” that includes Walmart, Costco de Wegman, Trader Joes and Target.

Each week, you will receive an email with a weekly menu according to what is for sale in your store, a shopping list and a coupon link.

If what you select is “any store” instead of a specific grocery store, the menus are not based on weekly sales, but provide all other time savings benefits, convenience and easy healthy meal ideas.

The weekly menu includes 5 stunning dinners according to the special offers of your store, which allows great savings in groceries.

Each dinner has several possible options, so if you do not like what you suggest, you can easily change it to something else.

Sometimes, an ingredient can be exhausted in your store, which is beyond the control of the daily meal program.

Also, there are some ingredients that you do not want or already have at home, so feel free to cross them from the shopping list.

Dinner Daily generously offered me a free extended trial to test and review your program.

Register to try dinner daily every day for 14 days, free! It will like you.

After the trial period, the membership is only $ 1.50 / week or less, depending on the plan you choose. ($ 18 for three months, $ 30 for six months, or $ 48 for a full year).


Veestro, # 1 ranked 100% of meal delivery service for vegan based on plants. Vestro offers fully prepared organic vegan meals and not gmo directly to its free door of any preservative.

Veestro has more than 50 entrees that are excellent breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The dishes are inspired worldwide with flavors ranging from Italian, Asian to Tex-Mex and more.

They also have a variety of options for special dietary needs and preferences, including dishes that are high protein, gluten-free, without nuts, low calories, kosher and even soy.

Veestro’s choice of entrees does rotate somewhat, and even offer limited and seasonal specialties, such as Turkish Herb dinner, for a holiday inspired party, which is quite great.

This is ideal for those who love always try new things, but if there is something you really enjoy, the best solution is to stock up in case the menu is taken a bit.

Some see meals like your curly cabbage salad or noodles should simply thaw in the refrigerator during the night and then are ready to eat.

Other dishes can be reheated on your stove, in your oven or toaster or microwave oven in just a few minutes.

The dishes like their curries are heated quickly on the stove where other dishes such as the enchilada casserole or Parmesan eggplant are ready in approximately 30 minutes or less if the kitchen in the oven.

The Veestro is completely transparent about the ingredients they use. If you want more detailed nutritional information on a specific dish, simply click on the incoming that interests you when ordering.

You will see a description of the entry along with a complete list of ingredients and nutrition information.

It is also located on the outside of each food package. All the dishes are vegan, no ogm, organic and free of preservatives.

Veestro has three different styles of plant-based food planes ranging from 10 to 30 meals per delivery. Once you choose your meal plan and your delivery frequency, your meals are sent to your door. That is all.

Meals can cost as low as $ 9.90, which is quite reasonable, considering that it is completely organic, complete prepared dishes that are sent directly to you.

Fast food or quick options can easily cost either or more without adding any nutritional value. With the sense, the key to the cost of your meal as low as possible is ordering more meals by shipment.

It will also save 10% more by subscribing to the automatic delivery program instead of simply ordering your meals’ opening.

If you are shy to engage with an automatic delivery, the direction of delivery is super flexible and can always change, pause or cancel your order at any time.

The Veestro is really perfect for anyone who seeks to get more plant based foods on their diet, especially if it is short on time, just cooking by one, do not know how to cook and be tired of eating out.


The Rastelli offer quality meat products and durable quality seafood, antibiotics, steroids and hormones, trusted farmers and fishermen directly at your door.

They believe in creating partnerships, strengthening the confidence and provision of quality products.

Sustainable procurement practices of farmers and fishermen, they have joined, to clog and transform into a peak facility, to ecological materials they ship and ship, they take exceptional care so that every step of their process is done correctly.

All that the sources of rastelli are certified antibiotics, steroids and without hormones.

All seafood are saved or saved in a sustainable way in nature. And organic options are available for beef, pork and chicken. More about places where Meat and Seafood from Rastelli come from:

Black Angus cattle are high in large open fields in the Midwestern Plains and nourished a 100% vegetarian diet.

The biological beef is 100% nourished with grass and finished. And any beef is free from antibiotics, steroids and hormones.

Seafood are wild or raised in the wild, using durable certifying practices.

The chickens come from a small farm in the Shenandoah Valley where they feed on a mixture of all-vegetarian soybean corn and soy flour and GMO. They are free to wander during the day, houses with natural light and fresh bedding.

The turkeys are high in certified family farms from the American Association of the Human Association of North Carolina, with regular access to external pastures and an all-vegetarian diet.

Inheritance rape pigs are raised in open pasture farms from Eastern Pennsylvania as a result of strict standards in animal welfare.

The salmon fillets of the Rastelli Faroe Islands are at a reasonable price with 2 to 6 oz nets for salmon fillets of 15 or 8 to 6 oz for $ 59. You can buy 2 18 oz. Steaks for $ 65.00 at Rastelli who could easily feed 5 or 6 people.

Rastelli’s offers both punctual purchases as well as flexible subscriptions with your frequency choice. They are delivered to the continental United States.

Free shipping for orders more than $ 200. $ 10 shipping costs are charged for orders between $ 90 and $ 199. $ 25 shipping costs are charged for orders of less than $ 90.

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