5 Super-Fresh & Sustainable Onda Origins Coffees You Have to Try

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Coffee companies are a dime a dozen, and finding beans that aren’t only tasty, but healthy, is a huge challenge. only a few brands are up-front about how beans are processed, leaving room for toxins to develop in the beans (among other things) … but Lifeboost coffee is not like most companies.

Lifeboost, created by respected nutrition expert Dr. Charles Livingston, goes above and beyond to source beans that are unusually high-quality—at least, that’s what they claim.

Are Lifeboost Coffee’s beans really pretty much as good as they say? It seems the praises online are never-ending. Is it too good to be true?

We had to try it out for ourselves to seek out out.

How Lifeboost Coffee Is Different?

Immediately once you visit the Lifeboost website, it’s very clear that these aren’t normal coffee beans. There’s a laundry list of advantages that beans from other companies don’t typically have, so let’s cover the massive hitters real quickly.

The Beans Are Single Origin (Nicaragua)

Lifeboost beans come from one origin, meaning they aren’t blended with beans from other countries. they are available from the highlands of Nicaragua. More specifically, the scenic slopes of Mt. Kilambé.

This high-elevation region is understood for its lush rainforests, rich volcanic soil, and pristine climate. It’s perfect for growing coffee.

Single origin coffees are great because you’ll taste flavors and aromas that are unique to the Nicaraguan highlands region, instead of having flavors from multiple countries smashed together to make a monotone flavor that “just tastes like coffee”.

We’ll touch more on the particular flavors in a moment!

They’re Certified Organic

Mt. Kilambé, due to the healthy forests and biodiversity, is in one of Nicaragua’s National Protected Areas. For this reason, no pesticides, agro-chemicals, or non-organic fertilizers are often used to farm coffee.

lifeboost organic coffee

And that means the Lifeboost beans have pretty unique benefits:

They’re certified organic. No chemicals, no genetically modified crops, no junk.

They’re shade-grown. The forests can’t be chopped down, therefore the coffee trees are grown under the shade of the tall jungle canopy—which helps the beans taste better.

They’re hand-picked. There’s no room for large machines. All beans are hand-picked, processed, and roasted.

They’re better for the environment. All this results in a healthy, balanced rainforest that’s not in danger from gross chemicals or unsustainable practices.

And there’s another big reason why this environment-first approach is so important…

They’re freed from Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins (a kind of toxin) are created by certain types of molds that grow on food and may be detrimental to your health over the long-term.

Most coffee beans have traces of mycotoxins on them (especially low-quality beans). And although the amounts are very small—so small that scientists don’t agree on whether they’ll hurt you—they’re definitely still there.

So here’s the question… wouldn’t you only rather have coffee beans you know are toxin-free to start with?

Due to Lifeboost’s organic practices—from seed to reap to roasting—their beans are certified mycotoxin-free (3rd party tested for mycotoxins).

They’re Low Acid

If you read Lifeboost Coffee reviews, it’s really obvious what a lot of individuals love about them: they’re very easy on the stomach. Doctors recommend them, people with GI problems love them, and even regular coffee lovers enjoy the low acidity.

They’re Ethically Sourced

All of Lifeboost’s beans—on top of everything else—are purchased either via Fair Trade (additional $0.30/lb to the farmer) or Direct Trade (they negotiate their own higher price) principles.

So they’re, within the end, more sustainable long-term for the farmers.

We Tried 10 Lifeboost Coffees… Here’s How It Went
We dove in and had ten coffees delivered. Yes, it had been difficult to drink such a lot high-quality coffee, but we knew we had to try and do it… for the sake of the review, of course.

To try such a lot of beans, we did a “cupping” exercise that produces small amounts of coffee in tiny glass cups. It’s a similar way professional coffee roasters and farmers test their beans for quality.

lifeboost coffee

Here’s how we’ll break up our thoughts:

  • 1 Limited Collection Coffee
  • 3 Regular Coffees
  • 6 Flavored Coffees

This way, we will touch on everything without overwhelming you with information. Let’s jump in.

The Limited Collection Coffee

lifeboost limited collection coffee review

Every few months, Lifeboost comes out with a brand new “Limited Collection” coffee bean. These are tiny micro-lot beans of outstanding quality—a step above the rest.

Right now they’re selling a Pacamara bean, a genetic kind of coffee plant that produces a number of the most important beans within the world.

The medium-dark roast coffee had a subtly sweet earthy aroma. once we sipped the coffee, we were hit with dark chocolate undertones that transformed into a red fruit / tangerine sweetness and aroma.

It was exquisite!

3 Regular Coffees
We then tasted the three other non-flavored coffees:

  • Light Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • Dark / Espresso Roast

The light roast features a classic nutty profile with a medium body, enhanced by a caramel sweetness and hazelnut and vanilla aromas. it had been smooth and pleasant, lacking the acidity you’d normally find in a very light roast.

lifeboost coffee light roast organic
The medium roast had a good smoother, balanced flavor. We could still taste the nutty and chocolate notes, but there was also a subtle strawberry sweetness that gave the coffee a more dynamic and exotic feel.

lifeboost coffee medium roast low acid
And finally, Lifeboost’s dark / espresso coffee had a strong dark profile, with intense notes of earth, wood, and fresh-roasted cacao. Definitely the boldest of the bunch by a big margin!

lifeboost coffee dark espresso roast

All in all, Lifeboost non-flavored coffee was delicious and balanced, with a noticeably lower level of acidity.

6 Flavored Coffees
We also had the possibility to do six of Lifeboost’s flavored coffees:

  • French Vanilla
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Hazelnut
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • White Russia
  • Highlander Grogg

Like with any good flavored coffee, these beans were dark roasted to make that bold layer of chocolate and earthy notes. This enabled the additional flavors to actually shine.

The first three we tried to be normal, distinctive flavor. The french vanilla had a simple-sweet, creamy vanilla flavor that topped the earthy coffee perfectly.

The caramel macchiato was so spot-on that it made me never want to spend money at Starbucks again (and it had been much healthier than drinking plenty of milk and sugar).

The hazelnut coffee was even as expected: creamy, subtly sweet, nutty, and well-rounded.

Organic flavored coffee lifeboost

Then we moved onto the more unique and interesting flavors. Could they continue with the quality of the other beans?

The pumpkin spice bean smelled a bit like a pumpkin pie, and it tasted like one too, with notes of clove, cinnamon, and a creamy sweetness.

The White Russian was knock-your-socks-off good, with a vanilla sweetness and creamy body. Paired with the dark Kahlua-tasting beans, it really was a guilt-free version of the favored cocktail!

The highlander grogg bean was also cocktail-like, with notes of sweet caramel, dark brown sugar, vanilla, and rum (oh man, so good).

Flavored low acid coffee lifeboost

Despite not being huge fans of flavored coffee (we like better to taste the unique flavors of single origin beans), we genuinely enjoyed the flavour adventures these beans offered.

And paired with the high-quality base coffee, they didn’t taste cheap like most flavored beans.

The Positives Of Lifeboost Coffee

It makes complete sense why Lifeboost Coffee has become so popular within the last few years once you consider these big positives:

It’s undoubtedly a healthier coffee company. Grown with 100% organic practices to keep chemicals, GMO crops, and toxins away from your body, you’ll drink guilt-free.

It’s also better for the environment. Nicaragua’s lush landscapes face no risk of the pro duction of Lifeboost coffee, because they do not cut trees, do not use agrochemicals, and preserve the natural biodiversity of the region.

There’s a coffee for everybody . like a good french vanilla flavored coffee? Lifeboost has that. Want an espresso bean to pull shots with?

Lifeboost has one. need a high-end, limited edition bean to treat yourself with? Guess what… they need one among those, too.

You can taste the quality. Every coffee we tried was rich with its own unique flavors. Even the flavored coffees felt high-end!

It’s perfect for low acid coffee drinkers. The lower acidity levels mean people with GI or sensitivity issues can drink knowing they’re not getting to regret it later.

Many companies touch on one, two, or maybe three of those positives, but as far as we all know , Lifeboost has the biggest range of advantages out there.

The Negatives Of Lifeboost Coffee

Of course, there are a couple of negatives we’d like to notice also .

The beans aren’t cheap. At $35 per bag ($55 for the Limited Collection), these beans are definitely costlier than your average coffee.

The value tag is warranted though—because of coffee farmer poverty, all coffee should be this expensive—but it should make it out of reach for a few people on a budget.

Some people will miss the acidity. Balanced acidity can make sure flavors in coffee pop, and lots of people love that (we sure do).

The low acid feature is one among Lifeboost’s big selling points—and most of the people love it—but some people will prefer more acidic beans.

There’s just one origin to shop for from. once more , single origin coffees are great because you’ll taste the flavors unique thereto region.

We just hope Lifeboost coffee will take advanced quality approach to other countries, such as Colombia or Sumatra, and brought us even more flavor options.

The negatives deserve consideration, but ultimately don’t kill the experience for us.

We enjoy some extra acidity from time to time, and that we also like trying coffees from different areas of the globe, but that’s not really a mark against the beans themselves.


Is Lifeboost Coffee The Be-All, End-All Of Coffee Beans?
We’ve tried many coffees over the years—most of them incredible—but Lifeboost Coffee sticks out as an outlier to us.

The main target on creating a healthy product, protecting the natural environment of Nicaragua, roasting stunning single origin beans… it’s not too good to be true.

Lifeboost Coffee beans are richly flavorful, environmentally-conscious, and guilt-free beans most of the people will like to brew.

We were impressed with the bold flavors that changed with each bean—even though they were all from a similar origin.

The light, medium, and dark roasts all tasted unique. and therefore the Limited Collection coffee was truly something special.

Even the flavored coffees tasted like they’d been cared for from seed to cup (compared to most low-grade flavored coffee).

It’s no surprise that Lifeboost is making waves within the coffee world and gaining popularity quickly.

Lifeboost coffee is especially great for health-conscious coffee lovers, acid-sensitive coffee lovers, and other people who want to make sure their daily brew isn’t harming nature.

If Lifeboost coffee seems like an honest fit you, great news: you’ll try their beans for just $20 per bag (their gift to new customers), which is a few 50% discount.

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