7 Simple Exercises You Can Do While At Work

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7 Simple Exercises

If you lack the time needed to have a regular fitness regimen because of work, kids, or life in general simple exercises then you can do at work could be just what you need.

These 7 simple exercises and tips you can do at work are quick and easy. You still can have a great work out without the need for a gym.


1. Instead of using a desk chair, sitting on a large exercise ball. The necessary balance to sit on the ball is a great core stabilizer.

Will tone and strengthen abdominal muscles without realizing you’re doing it.

It takes very little or no concentration, which can leave your brainpower to work.

2. Resistance bands are great for toning the legs and arms.

You can connect the bands to the legs of his desk or chair and do repetitions of arms and legs while sitting at your desk.

If you are on the phone, switch hands as you do repetitions. If you are writing on your computer, work with the bands legs.

3. Walk- During breaks to walk as much as possible in the office. If you have ankle weights summer, then on while walking down an extra boost.

4. Leave behind the elevator and stairs. Even if you’re on the 14th floor, climb two to three flights and then take the elevator the rest of the way.

If you do just this one thing gets your heart pumping and releases endorphins.

Provides a great start to the day, both your body and brain will thank you.

5. Parking- You can not think your parking spot has nothing to do with his physical condition, but parking farther away can actually provide a mini cardio workout.

Be sure to leave extra time so it arrives late, and park in the parking farther away you can find.

Strap on ankle weights and either walk, run or march to the building.

Do not worry about how you look doing it because the body will get from it will look and make you feel even better.

6. Stretching is always important. Sitting at a desk for 8-9 hours day can lead to muscle rigidity, loss of flexibility, back and neck pain, restless legs, blood clots, and joint stiffness.

Of things you can do for the health of your body, stretching it is the most important. You should be getting every hour to stretch.

7. Easy stretches you can do at your desk can be anything to reach the ceiling with both arms to touch your toes, to layers of ballet.

Be sure to give back a good twist from side to side to stretch both the spine and abdominal muscles.

The belly of the writer happens when the ligaments of the abdominal muscles are shortened due to sitting for long periods of time resulting in a “belly”, so make sure you are stretching your abdominal muscles to keep them long and thin.

Find time to exercise and stay fit can be a challenge, but its application only a few simple things throughout your work day can really make a difference.

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