Fit Father Project Review : Effective workouts for busy dads

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Fit Father Project is a comprehensive program that aims to assist its users shed the extra pounds. in the daily routine, it often becomes difficult to take out the time and work on the motivation to bring down one’s weight digits.

Therefore, this program is chalked out for men that are aged around 40 and above and those fathers who don’t really get the time for themselves.

It helps one to lose weight, thus helping to up the ante of one’s confidence and health.

This program designed to assist busy dads in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who’ve decided to lose the extra weight.

They’ve noticed creeping on over the past number of years and get healthy for themselves and therefore the ones they love.

With the understanding that life gets busy, especially once you’ve got a career and family to concentrate on.

The Fit Father Project provides the HOW and maybe more importantly the WHY which will get you on your way to a longer, healthy, happier life.

Who created Fit Father Project?

The Father Fit project was created by Anthony Balduzzi, a doctor of the health of men trained in naturopathic medicine.

whose personal experience of losing his father to cancer at a young age forces him to commit his life to his own health and therefore the health of fathers

So other kids would have to suffer the way he, his mother and his brother.

Anthony became focused on health and fitness at the age of ten, and went on to be a nationally recognized bodybuilder as a youngster.

As an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, he studied Psychology, Nutrition, and Neuroscience, participating in research with some of his professors, while continuing his bodybuilding career.

He received his Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, then founded the Fit Father Project, fulfilling his commitment to support the health of fathers and their families.

It’s for busy dads who want to remain healthy and fit and/or regain their health and fitness in order that they can provide for and enjoy their families for years to return .

What is Fit Father Project?

Clear guidance, eliminating the guesswork, so we are not wasting time to choose between either food or one or other training.

Once you committed and collect their resources, which only tells you what to do and do it.

Of course, there are value-added blogs and community support as add ons, but the core of the program explains everything to you step by step, day by day.

Appropriate exercise levels for your age and fitness.

This project is the Father Fit, designed for guys over 40. It’s not gonna have you trying to work out like a twenty-something.

The workout is age appropriate so that you will not hurt to try to follow.

A simple plan that doesn’t have you spending 4 hours on a shopping list after calculating exactly how many calories you would like to eat every day , and then hours within the kitchen on top of that.

A comprehensive plan covering all aspects of its program, including food, exercise, sleep schedule, and even life.

The truth is that if a concept doesn’t take all this under consideration , you’ll get tripped up.

A sustainable action plan.

It is a lifestyle, not a quick fix while you’re leaving after you achieve short-term goals.

Accountability within the kind of community support.
We all falter and need a help and encouragement sometimes .

Fit Father Projects include frequent communication from Dr. Anthony Balduzzi as well as community message board where you will get support from your peers, as well as providing it right back to them when they need it.

What included in the Program?

When you register for the Fit Father Project, the first product you’re getting – the meat of the program – is the Fit Father 30X Program, or FF30X for short.

This is a 30 day program complete with everything you would like as a busy father in your 40s or beyond to get back to the health and fitness you’ve lost over the past decade or more.

Included with FF30X is:

The Fit Father meal plan

Complete with make ahead meal plan tips and advice to assist you form healthy eating habits and keep you on the right track.

When your meals are already planned out and prepared, you’re far less likely to succumb to moments of weakness which will be caused by finding yourself hungry with limited healthy choices.

You get a list of food ingredients, recipes, food preparation guidelines, and quickly entered the charts to make portions of the program is simple to follow and stick with.

Fit Father Project Father and Son.The FF30X Workout

Puts you within the position to create muscle and boost your metabolism in under 90 minutes per week.

The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism.

The FF30X workout combines resistance training with cardio using a whole body circuit training method that burns fat and builds muscle at a similar time.

With 3 to 4 workouts per week you’ll be burning fat all day each day.

There’s the dumbell workout designed to be done at home, there’s the gym workout, the massive 5 Strength workout, and fat burning cardio workouts, also as templates to log your goals and progress.

Daily email coaching and support from Anthony and his team.One of the most important reasons people fail is that they don’t set up a system of accountability and/or support.

Anthony and his team send coaching emails daily to guide you along the way as you navigate through the program.

Many of his emails request responses from you, which may actually go a long way in supporting your accountability.

If you know someone is there, paying attention to your progress while rooting for your success.

you’re more inclined to remain on top of your game.Additionally, the team is there to answer questions and clear up any confusion you’ll encounter along the way.


Targets a particular audience

The program isn’t for one and all. Rather, the audience is slimmed right down to men and people who fall in the age range of 40s and above.

It’s particularly developed for men who are busy in their lives and lack the encouragement and time to shift from an overweight body that exhibits a bulging belly to a well-toned built.

Comprehensive naturally

The program isn’t limited to at least one step only. Instead it focuses on meal plans, motivation, lifestyle changes, and workout plans too. This ensures that weight loss is achieved internally also as externally.

Developed by a team of experts

Dr. Anthony together with a group of experts have developed this program and run the project on the basis of their experience and expertise

Extensive media coverage

A properly developed website showcases this project for the fitness of fathers. On top of it, there’s a significant amount of media coverage that this project has received. This enhances the credibility of the program.


This program is an outcome of excellent amounts of research into weight-loss. Already there are experts heading it.

Moreover, there are numerous customer testimonials backing this project with people sharing how effective this program has been for them.

Accountability program

In addition to providing a good plan to slenderize and get a well-built body for all 40+ men, this program facilitates accountability.

This amps up one’s motivation and also keeps his progress with the other two steps, meal plans and work out, on track.

Free resources

This project also provides free resources like material for reading on weight loss. Therefore, a user has both paid programs and free resources at their disposal.

And the Bonuses

Like other similar programs, there seem to be even as many “bonuses” as there are basic components, including ebooks and guides:

Enjoying Drinks and Staying Lean – essential techniques to permit you to have the occasional drink without sabotaging your efforts, including both what to do and what to avoid.

7 Necessary Supplements Every Man must Be Taking – including the essential list and where to get them most affordably.

How To Build Unbreakable Habits – tips taking from both neuroscience and psychology to assist you plan to your goals and stick to your routines.

The Ultimate Health Tools, Toys, and Tech – from workouts and exercise videos online to healthy food apps, this guide will help keep you focused and informed at home and on the go.

Week By Week Progress

The program is broken down into weekly sections, every week with a distinct focus and goal, building on the progress of the week before.

Week #1 – Metabolism kick starter

During the first week, you’ll start on the new meal plan and 2 hours of total exercise you’ll do at home with dumbbells or at the gym if you prefer.

Both are designed to jump start your metabolism so you’re burning fat and calories 24/7.

The quick initial weight loss of a couple of pounds right away, without having to count calories or work yourself to death on top of your busy work and family schedule, will get you motivated and pumped up for the rest of the program.

Week #2 – Fat Loss Amplification

During the second week, you’ll begin to focus more on building muscle and therefore the testosterone boost that comes together with the increased muscle mass.

By adding a 30 minute muscle building workout routine (again that you can do at home or at the gym) and eating more carbs post workout, you’ll grow more muscle, adding to your body’s fat burning capability.

Week #3 – Lean Muscle Building

With continued eating and exercise plan, and add in some small tricks IN meal times.

you will increase your testosterone even more, preparing your body to build new muscle while continuing to lose fat, especially belly fat.

Increasing Human growth hormone is also a goal of this week’s additions to the program.

Week #4 – Sustain Results

During in the week, the program includes several key habits you would like to embrace to keep the progress you’ve made.

You also don’t have to stop at this point.

You can still use the complete program for as long as you would like to keep losing more weight and gaining more muscle, or to fine tune your body.


It actually takes quite bit of digging to get to the bottom line, which is a one time fee of $97.

When you consider what you’ll have paid already in monthly gym membership fees (which you’ll or may not have made good use of), the only once fee isn’t bad


The Fit Father 30X Program is prepared specifically for fathers who find it onerous to lose the extra weight.

The Fit Father Project meal plan has you eating clean healthy foods in proper amounts, and therefore the workout program is designed to boost your cardiovascular fitness also as your muscle to fat body composition ratios.

If you’re searching for an easy to follow plan, support that’s TOP NOTCH, and a workout/diet plan that’s easy to follow then FF30X is the workout for you!

If you would like a test of what the Fit Father Project can offer you then check out the FREE meal plan & 24 Minute Workout plan below.

If you just tweak your diet with this meal plan and do this workout a couple of times every week you’re gonna see results!!

The Father Fit project strikes a fair balance between the sound principles and the simple handling.The meal plan and make ahead meal prep are solid guidelines that help a lot of guys stick with programs longer.

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