Nurx Review : Is Best birth control options for women?

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Everyone has the right to safe and affordable Birth control. If you know what you want or need some professional guidance, we will help you find your best option.

Purchase your medications and home testing kits directly to your door. No hassle, no great expense. With Auto refill and automatic renewals so it is always covered.

Nurx is that the easiest and fastest way to get certain prescription medications.

Users can go to their app or website and place an order for the drug they have and answer a couple of questions.

one among Nurx doctors reviews customer requests directly .Nurx customer pharmaceutical drugs get ready as soon as possible.

Nurx is that the easiest and fastest way to get certain prescription medications.

Users can go to their app or website and place an order for the drug they have and answer a couple of questions.

one of Nurx doctors reviews customer requests directly .

How does it work?

You’ll start by answering a couple of easy health questions therefore the Nurx medical professionals can prescribe what’s right for your body.

Then , your prescription will be delivered right to your door in but every week (and in discreet packaging because, you know, privacy).

Plus, you’ll get a three-month supply and automatic refills so you’ll never need to wonder if you’re set for the upcoming months.

You’ll only need to pay a flat rate of $15 for Nurx medical providers to review your information (and this cost covers a year of unlimited consultations).

If you’ve got insurance , you’ll get your contraception for free of charge (seriously); without insurance, prices start at only $15.

Additionally to those already-low costs, you don’t even need to pay a delivery fee to get one among the 50+ brands of contraception offers.


First things first, download the free app. This is often reaching to assist you get organized, take action and simply communicate with a team of experts. Next, select your test.

With three to decide on from you get the flexibility of options without being totally overwhelmed.

The CDC recommends everyone should get tested a minimum of every 12 months (select the complete Control Kit) then a fast check every 3 or 6 months counting on your risk factors (select the fundamentals Covered Kit).

Nurx also features a Healthy Woman kit for female-focused sexual health testing.

An expert will review your health history and confirm you decide on the appropriate test so don’t worry too much about selecting the incorrect one.

Once you get all signed up, Nurx will ship the at home testing kit in a discreet package just a couple of days later.

Accessibility and price are huge obstacles in healthcare in America today. Nurx provides both an option for insurance payment and affordable self-pay options, widening the accessibility of testing for all.

With insurance you’ll pay $75 for the kit that has shipping both ways.

A $12 medical consulting fee and therefore the cost for the lab work is billed to insurance (you maybe have copays or coinsurance consistent with your specific insurance plan).

Without insurance, you’ll pay between $150 – $220 for the kit, the $12 consulting fee and $99 for the lab testing.

Home STI Testing Kit

Once you received the kit, it’s time to get down to business and awaken your inner nurse. The instructions are super simple to follow and therefore the whole process only takes a couple of minutes per specimen sample.

The tests require a urine sample, a blood sample (just a finger prick), and sometimes a throat, rectal, or vaginal swab, depending on which test kit you ordered).

Doing all of this within the privacy and luxury of your house really puts you comfortable . Once completed, just mail back the kit and await results.

STI Test Results At your home

In 7 days, a representative of the Nurx medical team will reach out to you to review the results. this is where the important magic happens. Remember that $12 consultation fee?

It pays for unlimited access to the medical team to ask questions on your results and point out your sexual health.

If you must happen to check positive for an STI, they will even prescribe antibiotics or assist you connect with a service provider for further treatment.

The customer service is superb with caring individuals who help put your mind comfortable throughout the whole process.

STI testing kits

Test Kit name: Healthy Woman Kit STI Testing

Description: Nurx Healthy Woman Kit aims to check the most likely sexually transmitted infections among women. Collection Method: Vaginal swab, throat swab, and finger-prick blood card

What’s Measured: HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis

Kit Price (Without Insurance): $220

Test Kit name: Full Control Kit

Description: Nurx comprehensive STI test kit for Female or Male. Collection Method: Urine test, throat swab, rectal swab, blood spot card What’s Measured: HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and hepatitis C Kit Price (Without Insurance): $190

Test Kit name: Basics Covered Kit

Description: A more limited set of tests, covering fewer sexually transmitted infections.

Collection Method: Urine test, blood spot card

What’s Measured: HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis

Kit Price (Without Insurance): $150


With insurance:

The initial cost is $ 75 for the test kit Nurx, including shipping both ways, plus a medical consultation price of $ 15, which includes unlimited access to the medical team Nurx.

Nurx lab partner tells your insurance once you are sending your samples. You may receive a bill for additional costs (as a co-payment or deductible) depending on your specific insurance plan.


  • Fundamentals covered Kit – $ 150
  • Healthy Woman Kit – $ 190
  • Total Control Kit – $ 220
  • additional $ 15 – medical consultation


They’ve made on the healthcare system over the previous couple of years, particularly in areas of the country where people turn to us because they don’t have any options.

There are nearly 20 million women within the U.S. who sleep in areas without quick access to contraception, which is particularly concerning considering nearly 1/2 all pregnancies within the U.S. are unintended.

They believe that everybody should have easy and affordable access to essential and time-sensitive healthcare needs like contraception , no matter their circumstances.

They’re providing a more efficient, patient-centered, and cost-effective way to deliver high-quality clinical care — and our success so far is evidenced by the demand for the way we approach care.

Their patient community now includes more than 200,000 people across the country, 65% of which prefer to stay with Nurx year over year.

Their Net Promoter Score (NPS) score, which is an industry benchmark for customer satisfaction, is consistently over 90.

That kind of score is almost unheard of in any industry, as well as in healthcare.

While most patients choose Nurx for an affordable and convenient access to contraception.

They’re also now seeing thousands of requests for medication to prevent HIV PrEP each month, which increased 10 times after entering our kit at home PrEP last August.

By providing convenient and judgement-free care to those that wouldn’t otherwise have access,They can now say that we are the leading telehealth provider of the life-saving medication.

They’re also encouraged by the immediate response to our most up-to-date healthcare service, home HPV testing, which allows women to screen for their risk of cervical cancer from the convenience of their own residence.

They’re working hard to introduce more essential healthcare services which will still help Their patients take hold of their own health. They’re looking forward to sharing news thereon front in the near future.


The platform hasn’t provided many details about the payment methods. However, it seems that the platform accepts the quality online payment methods i.e. transactions via credit card and debit card.

The website has mentioned that the platform offers a secure , unbranded, and discreet shipping method.

As mentioned, the platform offers a discreet, fast, and safe delivery method which comes with no delivery charge.


Nurx is one of many companies that utilize telemedicine platform to achieve public health outcomes is not feasible in the traditional health system.

They have created a home-based system that gives people a simple test that required knowledge about their sexual health in the end.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to use and that the service far beyond receiving the test results.

Platform of Nurx clinical protocols and evidence-based, incorporating CDC, and set the guidelines, and have been reviewed and approved by leading academic doctors and medical experts.

Treatment given through telemedicine platform as strong as Nurx often offers more control than what is recommended by the consensus of medical experts.

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