Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Review : How to Get Ahead in Fitness with Bowflex Max Trainer M3?

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A top alternative to treadmills, the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is gentle on your joints and supports wonderfully speedy calorie burn. How speedy? A 14-minute workout will do!

Using the Max Trainer M3, you’ll burn calories at up 2.5 times your treadmill rate. this is often mainly because Max Trainers engage not only your lower body, but also your upper body.

Bowflex is a household name in at-home fitness. Their products include everything from full machines to free weights, and therefore the ir product lines range far and wide to suit both the beginner and the expert.

The 2020 Max Trainer series is one in all Bowflex’s most well-liked product lines.

The machines seem like elliptical machines, but their selling point is that they’re rather more effective than using an elliptical – or the other kind of exercise machine, for that matter.

The Max Trainer series can burn calories at a rate of 2x – 3x what normal exercise can.

The lower body exercise is like elliptical training or stair stepping.
The upper body exercise uses moving arms.

The arm motion is similar to it on some elliptical trainers, but it’s about 80% more effective.

Additional benefits stem from the Max Trainer M3’s zero impact design. Fitness machines that are zero impact or low impact significantly reduce your risk of injury in comparison with treadmills.

They also assist you exercise more intensely with a similar perceived effort, so results come more quickly. It is sensible that the tagline for these Bowflex trainers is “Max results. Max reasons.”


This treadmill alternative is that the entry-level model in its series, which also has the Max Trainer M6. The M3 during this review has eight resistance levels, two preset workouts and two user profiles.

It sells for $999 online and is delivered with a chest strap for wireless pulse monitoring.

Key differences between the $999 Max Trainer M3 and therefore the $1,699 M6 are the number of preset programs and therefore the number of resistance levels.

However, the maximum and minimum resistance levels on each model are a similar. These products have one-year and two-year parts warranties, respectively.

Below are lists of what we like and don’t like about the Bowflex Max Trainer M3. We conclude the review with a summary and verdict.

There are three Items in the Bowflex Max Trainer series.

  • The Max M3 is that the most elementary Max Trainer. The unit offers eight levels of resistance also as other barebones features. With the M3, you’re basically just buying the unit itself – though there are some perks like one preset workout program, you’re aiming to be doing most of the configuration manually, contrast this to the M5 below.
  • The Max M5 (outmoded by The Max M6) is that the middleground. it’s some features, but not every feature. as an example, you get a speaker unit (which the M3 lacks), but you don’t get a smartphone app (which the M7 has). The M5 also has an extended warranty and a couple of extra physical perks like a smartphone/tablet dock and more.
  • The Max M7 (outmoded by The Max M8) is pretty much as good because it gets. The M7 has everything that the M3 and therefore the M5 has, together with an entire lot more. You get a gorgeous backlit display, a personal coach to guide you thru your workout programs, 20 levels of resistance, and everything else. you’ll pack into a fitness machine. The M7 helps you to tailor your workouts exactly as you’d prefer to, or, you’ll use the preset options and therefore the goal programming to let the machine do all of the mental work for you.

What I like:

It’s important to understand that the Max Trainer series isn’t just a fancy name for an elliptical.

The machines combine the motion of an elliptical with the intensity of a stair stepper. this combination is how you’re able to burn such a large amount of calories at once.

Bowflex max trainer Working

To understand how it works, we must have a basic grasp of how calories are burned. There are two sorts of exercise – aerobic and anaerobic.

Aerobic is cardiovascular – like if you went for a run. Anaerobic is non-cardiovascular – like if you were lifting weights.

you would possibly break a sweat and find out of breath, but you’re not constantly out of breath such as you would be if you went for a run.

The Max Trainer series combines these two sorts of exercise into one.

When that happens, you burn the highest number of calories possible within the shortest period of your time because you’re utilizing both sorts of exercise.

In fact, it’s impossible to get to the present level of calorie-burning if you’re not using a Bowflex – all normal machines and exercises are either anaerobic or aerobic.

There are many features on the Max Trainer M3 that make it stand out from the crowd. These include:

  • No Impact: Even on the most cushioned treadmills out there, you’re still about to be subject to some degree of impact. You exercise to feel better about yourself and your body but yet some sorts of exercise can actually leave you injured and in pain. That’s why investing in equipment that leaves you pain-free may be a fantastic option. The Max Trainer M3 will keep your joints protected and you feeling great as you move your workout session.
  • Various Intensity Abilities: Since you aren’t losing any energy through shock absorption within your own body, you’ll put 100% of your energy towards your workout sessions. Those exercising on the Max Trainer M3 are generally able to exercise at higher intensity levels than those that are exercising on treadmills or doing other higher impact sorts of exercise. this will result in better results over the long-term.
  • Upper Body Workout: The upper body workout that you simply get with many cardio trainers is minimal, if any. Not with the Bowflex Max Trainer M3. This one will even provide you with a much better arm workout than most elliptical trainers, which is very important for building a well-rounded level of fitness.
  • Resistance Levels: to assist make sure you make ongoing progress, the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 provides eight resistance levels to make sure that as you get fitter, you’ll up the resistance and see improvements. This also helps you perform high intensity interval training with ease and add enough variety to your workout sessions so you never get bored . If you would like more resistance, no problem. Just pick the M6 model, which offers 16 different resistance levels.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring Systems: Keep tabs on your heart rate easily by using the wireless chest strap that’s included. this may help make sure that you’re working out in your target pulse zone.
  • Dual User Profiles: This machine is ideal for the couple who wants to get in shape together or for 2 roommates cohabitation . With two user profiles, everyone can found out their own information and pick up their workouts right where they left off.
  • Extras: Bowflex designed the M3 for comfort. Your machine also will come with|associate with|keep company with”> accompany a water bottle holder for keeping your water reachable along with a reading rack so you’ll read a book, magazine, tablet, or simply watch a movie on you SmartPhone.
  • Compact: For those that are short on space, the Max Trainer M3 may be a perfect option. With a footprint of just 46 inches by 25 inches, you’ll easily fit it in even the tightest of spaces. It also weighs only 143 pounds, so isn’t too terribly hard to move as required .
  • Exras: The Max Trainer M3 contains a water bottle holder and a reading rack. The rack ledge is wide enough to hold a tablet computer.
  • Compact: Bowflex Max Trainers demand little space in comparison with treadmills. The M3’s footprint is 46″ x 25″. The machine weighs 143 pounds.


Star Rating4.6 stars
Running Arean/a
Top Speedn/a
Weight Capacity300 LBS
Dimensions46″ L x 25″ W x 63″ H
Built-In ProgramsManual and MAX Interval (8 resistance levels)
Warranty1 year

What I Don’t Like:

I award this machine 4.6 stars but not five. Here are a couple of potential drawbacks of selecting the Max Trainer M3:

Assembly: Assembly takes over an hour. you’ll pay extra for setup.
Best for Already-Fit People:

Most reviewers prefer to use the Bowflex M3. once we see negative reviews, they’re usually written by people that aren’t ready for its resistance.

Simple Console: The M3 Max Trainer has a very basic console in comparison with most treadmills at its price point.

You’ll get two preset programs and can see a display of calorie burn and other data.

There isn’t any built-in entertainment but you’ll set a tablet computer on the ledge.

Not Backlit: The display isn’t backlit, so it’s hard to read in the dark unless a lamp is nearby. The M6 has a backlit display.

Two Programs: The M3 has manual mode and a program called “MAX Interval.” More built-in programs are provided on the M6, which might even be synced with a free Bowflex app.

Uncomfortable: This trainer might be uncomfortable for small trainees. they could want the moving arm bars to be placed closer together.


This model has a average combination of price and warranty. It costs $999 but is only under warranty for a year.

With a comparably priced treadmill you’ll get three years of parts coverage, a year of labor and lengthy protection on the frame.

The Max Trainer m3 isn’t good for those looking to get super shredded like a bodybuilder. But, that being said, the Max Trainer m3 will still tone your muscles.

which means that when the fat is gone, you’ll look good – and not emaciated or skinny. muscle tone also helps mitigate loose skin – something some of us try to avoid in the least costs.

Because the Max Trainer m3 works your entire body, you’ll build this healthy muscle tone everywhere.

The main objective of the Max Trainer series is to assist you slim down within the shortest amount of your time .

You’ll burn calories quickly and shed fat from every a part of your body – hips, thighs, love handles – everywhere.

The Bowflex M3 Trainer is best for intermediate to advanced athletes with cash to spare. the most “con” of shopping for this fitness machine is that while it’s a low price up-front, it’s not sure to last as long as top treadmills in its price class.

But the most “pro” might outweigh that point: The M3 is a wonderfully efficient tool for taking your total body strength and endurance to subsequent level – again and again.

Trainees are happy with their fast results.

The health aspect of the Max Trainer series is usually skipped over as a result of its extreme weight loss properties.

But, because the Max Trainer combines aerobic and bodybuilding , it’s actually one amongst the healthiest ways to exercise, too.

It’s like you’re going for a run and lifting heavy weights at once – though in fact , using the Max Trainer isn’t as difficult as that sounds.

Bowflex Max Trainer M3 FAQs

The Bowflex Max Trainer is intended to reduce impact on your joints, so it won’t be hard on your knees at all.

The Bowflex M3 is a very compact machine with a footprint of only 46? x 25?, and overall product weight of 143 lbs.

The maximum user weight capacity of this machine is 300 lbs.

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