Built Bar Review : Is brands of protein bars?


Built Bar has created that very thing. the company has taken real ingredients and formed them into a protein bar that’s light, fluffy, and coated in dark chocolate.

With flavors like salted caramel chocolate and mint brownie delite, Built Bar conjures images and tastes of mouthwatering desserts that several would enjoy.

There are such a lot of different protein bars out there, and that i have tried tons of them.

Some are pretty good, some are downright awful. Protein bars come in different textures, some are chalky and dry while others are chewy.

Either way, it’s hard to search out the correct mix when it comes to a protein bar.

Built Bar may be a great tasting low-calorie protein bar with a soft and gooey center.

There are a large variety of flavors to decide on from. Orders are custom made for you. Please check up on Built Bar and see what you think that .

If there really was a protein bar with only 4 grams of sugar that truly tasted like chocolate, I wanted in.

I mean, these bars have over 21,000 reviews all giving it 5 stars on their website!

According to the company, Built Bars have a tremendous taste with a light, creamy filling.

They’re only 110 calories with 15 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. That sounds almost too good to be true! you’ll visit their website here to see them out.

My initial reaction after unwrapping the vanilla cream flavor was that it really did smell like real chocolate.

As I cut it open, it felt dense and sticky. That’s the exact opposite of light and creamy.

With such a lot of protein bars out there, how does Built Bar truly stack up when it comes to the essentials—ingredients, taste, and health?

Keep reading our Built Bar review to seek out out.

Built Bar- protein bars

Most protein bars don’t offer plenty of flavors. Several of them offer an honest number of options, but Built Bar has gone above and beyond with 14 flavors to choose from.

The company started out to make a tasty protein bar in a very wide range of flavors that individuals enjoy eating, and it seems they have succeeded.

I was immediately drawn to the Built Bar by the low-calorie nature and high amount of protein.

A lot of low-calorie protein bars don’t taste good, at least in my experience. Finding a healthy protein bar that tastes good are often quite challenging.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but wanted to offer it a go anyway. I tend to get tired of my usual protein bars and wanted to spice things up a small amount.

I started with a 10 bar sample box which is a variety pack including:

  • Banana Chocolate Crème
  • Vanilla Chocolate Crème
  • Mint Brownie Delite
  • Peanut Butter (woot woot)
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate
  • Orange Chocolate Crème (2 bars)
  • Coconut Almond
  • Raspberry Chocolate Crème
  • Double chocolate mousse

There are other flavors also , and you’ll see those on the web site .

I’m not a huge fan of chocolate-covered fruit, so those particular bars aren’t my favorite.

But if chocolate-covered fruit is your jam, these could be for you.

I do love the chocolate, though, probably to a fault. So, it goes without saying that i really like the more chocolatey bars, like Salted Caramel Chocolate, Double Chocolate, etc.


On their website, Built Bar goes into detail about their ingredients, stating that they’re “serious about nutrition.”

The plethora of information available on their ingredients does indicate that this is true.

Whey protein is that the first and main ingredient of all the bars, chosen specifically due to its complete amino acid profile.

Whey is definitely digested and has no strong flavor, and Built Bar’s version eliminates casein and lactose—the milk components that typically cause an allergy .

Most of the people aren’t sensitive to whey, but it’s unfortunately not a vegan protein. Each Built Bar offers 15g protein, which is a pretty decent amount.

Gelatin is another prominent ingredient that falls into the non-vegan and non-vegetarian category also as non-kosher and non-halal.

it’s included, the company claims, to “stabilize the foam structure” of the bar, which is understandable.

As one of the essential bar ingredients, gelatin really has no substitute, so Built Bar has kept it in to maintain the smooth, fluffy consistency of their bars.

Erythritol is a common sweetener that’s associated with sugar alcohols but doesn’t cause the potential intestinal discomfort they will .

Erythritol is safe for diabetics and doesn’t spike blood sugar; it’s easily filtered out through the kidneys; it’s zero calories; and it’s very well-tolerated.

Additionally, since erythritol occurs naturally in foods and fruits like grapes, watermelon, and pears, it’s considered a “healthy” sweetener and has little to no side effect profile.

Glycerin is another common ingredient used to sweeten foods also as thickening, stabilizing, and controlling moisture levels.

Glycerin increases a product’s shelf life, and therefore the combination of glycerin and erythritol gives a sweet taste to Built Bars that also keeps them from crystallizing.

The combo also contributes to the moist, smooth texture of the bars.

Chocolate in Built Bars not only helps provide their unique dessert flavor, its top quality provides a purity to the taste.

While the chocolate does add a touch of sugar to the bar, the fiber content makes it nearly negligible, preventing blood sugar spikes.

The dark chocolate gives a decadent aftertaste that’s lacking in such a lot of other protein bars, leaving the buyer with a positive impression of Built Bars.

And, of course, dark chocolate always provides antioxidants.

Maltodextrin is that the soluble fiber included in Built Bars, wont to improve their texture and increase health benefits.

The kind of maltodextrin used is water-soluble and non-digestible, so it’s no negative side effects, only positive ones.

Built Bars contain no artificial preservatives or flavors—although the corporate doesn’t mention exactly what the “natural flavors” are—and no coloring is added.

Does Built Bar Work?

Built Bar works for several things, namely for satiating hunger.

While it doesn’t promise anything like weight loss or improved focus, the company does claim that its bars will satisfy cravings and provide protein.

Built Bar also will improve energy for several reasons, so it’s safe to mention that yes, Built Bar works.

Who is made Bar Best For?

Built Bar is nice for anyone who works out or needs a fast snack or meal.

Built Bars aren’t safe for vegans and vegetarians, those that need kosher or halal foods, and people who are sensitive or allergic to milk products.

Apart from those restrictions, Built Bar is safe for many people and is even safe for diabetics.

If you’re watching carbohydrates, Built Bars are good for you, with only 13g carbs (and 6g fiber for a net carb count of 7g).

If you’re counting calories, Built Bar is additionally good for that also , with a mere 110 calories per bar (and only 3 Weight Watchers points as well).

The bars don’t contain nuts and soy, in order that they are definitely safe for anyone allergic to those.

Are Built Bars Healthy?

Overall, Built Bars are healthy. they’re low in fat and sugar and high in protein.

For 110 calories, we just like the macro ingredient profile (15G protein, 4G fat, and 7G net carbs).

we actually appreciated the very fact that Built Bars aren’t loaded with sugar like many other “health” bars on the market.

Of course, these protein bars aren’t a replacement for a healthy diet. you must not use Built Bars to replace meals.

Built Bars are an excellent snack to carry you over between meals.

They will even be an excellent option for satiating a sweet tooth once you would otherwise choose an unhealthy dessert like a candy .


Since I’m new to the Built Bar’s protein bar, I was curious to check how long they last.

I even have purchased other protein bars within the past, and that they get hard and dried out after time.

Since Built Bar has a Black Friday sale, I wanted to order some and stock up.

I took to speak on the web site , and therefore the customer service reps have told me that Built Bars will last six months on the shelf (room temp) and nine months within the freezer.

I’ll never leave them sitting that long to test this out, but it’s nice to know.


Okay, so this is where the rubber meets the road. as with anything, some people like Built Bars and a few who don’t.

As I discussed before, i’m not a lover of chocolate-covered fruit, therefore the fruity bars aren’t on my behalf .

I much prefer the more complete chocolatey bars.

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference.

My recommendation is to try the variety pack and see what you think .

If you choose you wish to shop for more, then pick and choose the flavors you like.

Some people don’t just like the consistency, and that i will tell you the bars leave a bit something on your teeth. they’re kind of gooey, like toffee, but maybe gooier, but i prefer them that way.

So if you’re going out for a photograph shoot, confirm you eat your bar ahead of time, LOL.

I prefer the bars cold, even frozen and that they keep for a long time this manner too.


Built Bar uses whey protein isolate because it’s an entire protein, and therefore the version they use doesn’t contain casein or lactose.

Whey protein isolate was chosen over other protein options.

Built Bar uses high-quality dark chocolate and is taken into account one of the “secrets” of Built Bars. Another essential ingredient is gelatin, which is from animal protein.

The bars use only natural flavors and no coloring and haven’t any artificial preservatives. you’ll read the entire nutrition information here.


You can purchase Built Bars directly from their website. you’ll buy a variety pack, otherwise you can build your own order, which is what I even have been doing.

Built Bars are available an 18 bar pack, so you would like to make sure you’re planning to just like the flavors. I can pick and choose which bars i would like to shop for .

Before writing this Built Bar review I ordered directly from Built Bar, which seems to be the simplest place to get them.

I actually have heard they’re available other places, but I didn’t even look elsewhere. Freshness matters, and therefore the freshest you’ll get is usually direct from the source.

There are a good variety of flavors, so get yourself a starter pack or a variety pack and see which of them you wish .


Built Bars are only available on their site, but the cool thing is that they provide many options.

Additionally to 14 flavor choices, customers can order either an 18-box of 1 flavor, a mixed box of 9 flavors, or a build-your-own box with 3 flavors of your choosing.

You can buy Built Bars in a variety of different packages. The more boxes you purchase per order, the more the value per bar decreases.

A box of 18 bars is $36, so $2 per bar, but two boxes finishes up being $33.30 and $1.85 per bar. If you order 6 boxes, the price drops to $29.70 and $1.65 per bar, therefore the savings increase.

Also, the corporate offers free shipping within the (continental) U.S., so is usually a bonus.



Built Bar offers free USPS priority shipping on all orders within the US.

Now i’ll warn you it does take a while to process the order, a minimum of that was the case once I was ordering for this Built Bar review.

That was one negative about Built Bar. Shipping could also be faster now.

It will take about one week from once you order until your order arrives.

So, if you’re getting low, you would like to make sure you order ahead of time. But, goodies are usually well worth the wait.

Built Bars are shipped within 2-4 days after production.

I was pleasantly surprised once I received text updates on shipping. I also got a code for 20 well off my next order if I included Built Boost, which I highly recommend.


The reviews on the web site are very positive, actually all 5-star reviews, hmm :). Some people have called the bars a “healthier alternative to candy.”

The reviews on Google are mixed but mostly positive. A couple of people have had problems with customer service.

I even have chatted with customer service reps and have had only positive interactions.


  • Low-calorie protein bar
  • Wide variety of flavors available
  • No GMO
  • No wax
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Each bar is calculated to have three WW SmartPoints


Contain animal protein, not vegan or vegetarian-friendly


Built Bar is one of the best protein bars on the market right now.

The low carb, low sugar, and high protein counts make it safe for several consumers, and with all the flavor options, there’ll surely be one (or several) for every person’s taste.

Built Bar knows what they’re doing and that we were very pleased with everything we found in our Built Bar review.

Built Bar’s protein bars are a low-calorie high protein bar. These bars can serve as an excellent snack or meal replacement.

My experience has been very positive, and that I love the variability of Built Bar flavors available. The bars do take a bit getting won’t to with the gooey center.

If you’re a chocolate-covered fruit lover, these bars could be right up your alley. If you prefer vanilla, coconut, peanut butter, etc. there’s something for everybody.

As for a chocoholic like myself, there also are many great tasting bars to settle on from.

For more information, click the image below to be directed to the Built Bar website.

If you’re still not convinced Built Bar is true for you, I encourage you to try a starter 10 pack and see for yourself.

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