The Venus Factor Review : Can You Really Find


The Venus factor is of a 12-week weight loss program that has been created particularly with ladies in mind. A program that really assists in rebalancing the hormones during a woman’s body that are liable for each appetence and overall weight gain.

The creator of this spectacular system, John Barban, through in depth analysis, found that the largest drawback that ladies have once it involves losing weight and staying work was the extent of Leptin in their bodies, that is very instrumental in burning fat.

The Venus factor and it’s premium version Venus Immersion, is one in all the few weight loss programs created particularly for ladies. It’s designed to re-balance the hormones liable for weight gain.

As we have a tendency to become older, these hormones get increasingly} more out of balance and that we begin to note the weight creep on round our thighs, butt and stomachs. Worse news for those people with families is that having kids makes the matter even worse.

Most diets are literally designed for men’s bodies. That’s one in all the most reasons why ladies realize it therefore tough to slim down and keep it off.

Hormonally and metabolically, women’s bodies behave otherwise to men’s. The Venus factor could be a 12 week weight loss set up that has been specifically designed to re-balance the hormones liable for appetency and weight gain.

Venus factor 12 Week Fat Loss set up for Women In addition to dietary recommendation, it includes a close exercise program tailored specifically for ladies.

The Venus factor exercising program has been specially designed therefore you’ll be able to make out at home if you like to not head to the gymnasium. That’s excellent news for many of my friends WHO don’t like showing off their wobbly bits in public!

This program includes membership of an exclusive web site of Venus members WHO can facilitate and support you thru your weight loss journey. If you’d like a fair a lot of customized approach, there’s a gold version of the Venus factor, within the type of Venus Immersion – browse a lot of concerning Immersion here.


The Venus factor diet is targeted on the whole woman’s body within and out, not simply on fasting or weight loss needs, and is primarily targeted on developing a method of upgrading current feeding and workout habits that lead to a happier and healthier lady.

It is assuasive to potential users that the program was researched and created by a extremely recognized member of the health and fitness community whose focus was on understanding the feminine body, and whose final goal was to develop a program that may be helpful to ladies of all sizes and ages in achieving their fitness and weight loss goals.

The overall nutrition sector of the program permits individual users to still consume their favorite foods by affording cheat days that, within the future, ironically contribute to the success of the long-run program.

The entire program and every one of its parts are virtual and simply accessible online from any location with a web association. it’s vital to say that the program isn’t tailored to ladies who are seeking to lose simply a mere few pounds quickly, however rather may be a long-run program developed to form an extended lasting work and healthier body.

How will it Work?

Venus factor Weight Loss Program

John discovered that as ladies age and additionally offer birth, their bodies undergo hormonal changes, one amongst that is an raised resistance to Leptin. He any discovered that ladies have a bigger level of Leptin in their bodies compared to men.

However, his continuing studies discovered that once ladies diet the amount of Leptin in their bodies drop quickly, that ultimately minimizes the number of weight they’ll really lose.

Therefore, he began to develop and make a weight loss system specifically for ladies that might maintain high levels of Leptin, increase metabolism, and effectively burn fat leading to the creation of The Venus factor system.

The 5 Basic elements of The Program

1.The Fat-loss Diet Guide – A awfully informative fat-loss diet guide that gives all the insight required on foods that ought to be avoided, particularly those who limit Leptin levels within the body yet as those foods that really increase Leptin levels. The guide additionally informs users that it’s alright to eat your favorite foods, as long as they’re consumed in moderate parts and at applicable times throughout the day. It any provides an insight to a good type of foods and also the effects they’ll have on individual weight loss goals.

2.The 12-week exercise Program – This high energy exercise program will be performed either within the comfort of the house or during a gymnasium. The targeted exercises really serve to reshape a woman’s body in only 3 months or less, affording them that extremely fascinating hour glass form. The exercises are consistent, very straightforward to follow and perform, and produce very satisfactory results.

3.The Virtual dietician App – This innovative app is meant to help users with calorie investigation and protein levels in individual foods and overall diets. The app is additionally an incredible aid in creating dietary changes once making the proper parts of favorite meals.

4.The Venus Index Podcast – This outstanding podcast is tried to be a useful tool for all dieters. It permits users to move with alternative ladies who share the identical challenges they need yet as interact with women who have with success utilised the program. a lot of times than not this convenient tool plays a big role within the success levels of individual weight loss goals.

5.The Venus Community – The community is comprised of many alternative ladies who are offered to speak on-line at any time of day. It permits users to voice considerations, raise queries, and even share in sacred stories that may be useful keep ladies on the right track with their own personal goals. As we tend to all understand, diet in itself may be a very tough enterprise, however once a community exists with its primary purpose being to act as a support mechanism for alternative participants, then so users will perceive and appreciate the worth of this remarkably community.


The Main Manual- permits you to calculate your Venus index ratio.

Venus factor 12 week fat loss system- this is often the most guide. Calculate your Venus Index ratio, and so follow the guide consequently to attain your required weight.

Workout manual- This one includes variety of various workouts that are designed to present you a throw, tighter body and conjointly help you in losing weight. one in every of the main benefits of the Venus factor is that the liberation that it provides.

you are doing not must follow a rigorous set of rules; intake solely a collection of things and peculiarity. It conjointly doesn’t limit you to count calories all day long whenever you sit all the way down to eat, that is another nice benefit. Another factor is that the program will work for nearly any lady, irrespective of her level of fitness.

There are a bunch of positives that you just get for getting this program, and I’d merrily suggest it to anybody who needs to slim quickly. The Venus diet could be a ton over simply a smattering of recipes.It is an in depth analysis of the factors that have an effect on weight, giving the way out of things within which most ladies making an attempt to slim realize themselves.

The hormone leptin has been around for ages however was solely.discovered in 1994.The compound is claimed to own profound effects on the means the human body manages fat and manipulates feeding habits. By keeping tabs on leptin, ladies are ready to management what quantity they eat and the way much fat gets stored in their systems. Leptin is extremely connected to the brain, telling it when to eat additional and once to quit the party.

Quick Facts concerning Venus factor

At its most simple, the Venus factor program claims to assist ladies thin by increasing the production of leptin, a “master” hormone liable for metabolism—in different words, the a lot of leptin you’ve got the upper your metabolism are going to be, and also the less leptin you’ve got the slower your metabolism are going to be. sadly, ladies face 2 distinctive challenges once it involves this hormone:

First, ladies have double the quantity of leptin as men, though they’re thrice less alert to its presence (a condition referred to as leptin resistance). Ultimately, this suggests there’s an infinite quantity of untapped weight loss potential within every lady.

Second, once they diet, women’s leptin levels drop double as quick and twice the maximum amount as men, which regularly leads to a rebound impact, wherever you set on a lot of when you’ve finished a diet than after you began.

In fact, these problems will really deteriorate when pregnancy, as your body adjusts to its new role as a mother. However, the Venus issue program claims to reset however your body uses leptin, that they decision a “metabolic override,” and to be well-tried to assist you lose a minimum of 10 pounds over the course of 12 weeks.

By operating together with your metabolism and serving to you to avoid common foods which will build it “impossible” for you to shed pounds, Venus issue claims to require advantage of feminine fat loss “loopholes” to extend energy, safely boost metabolism round the clock, and to focus on feminine downside areas like the abdomen, hips, butt, and thighs.

On high of this, the Venus factor claims to permit you to get pleasure from your favorite foods, to create the method straightforward and pleasurable, and to figure for anyone no matter time, current metabolism level, or different medical conditions.


The Venus factor could be a diet plan designed for ladies. The core strategy is to manage Leptin levels; the hormone that affects metabolism. So, what’s within the box? You’ll receive an eBook/manual, the 12-week fat-loss system, access to a virtual dietician and an app to assist you retain track food intake.The Venus factor tells you of all the various nutrients that you just must intake moreover because the effects that they could have on your body.

1st and foremost, the most manual should be wont to calculate your Venus Index ratio, when that you need to use the Fat loss system so as to test however you must amend your diet. the corporate also provides variety of videos that are designed to produce work outs that not solely help you slim down, however additionally facilitate your get a throw, tighter and sexier body.

With such a large amount of diet and exercise programs accessible on the market these days, it will typically be difficult and so very tough to search out and opt for the program that’s best suited to your own personal wants. However, the Venus factor diet is far and away one in every of the foremost perfected weight loss systems designed and developed for simply ladies alone.

With a spotlight on maintaining overall health whereas operating toward weight loss goals, it’s clear that John has diligently performed exuberant analysis in his efforts to develop this really innovative diet system, and so all his efforts have benefited many lady across the world these days. Take some moments to look at the Venus issue on-line video presentation for the devoted lady who is trying to make that ‘brand new me’